Board meeting minutes (2012.08.11)

Board meeting minutes for the Aug 11, 2012 board meeting are here. A prettier, formatted pdf version is also available for download at the bottom of the full story.

Executive Board Meeting
Wednesday August 8, 2012

Present –Alan, Rob, Judy, Tim, Mary Edna, Diane, Aaron, Josh, Dan, Steve Clark-Hall
Absent – Gary, Patrick
Call to order @ 7:05PM

Treasurer’s Report
Gary is absent. Item tabled.

September Membership Meeting Speakers/Topics
Speakers suggested:
Someone from the Castro Street Fair – Rob to contact
Supervisor Weiner – Alan to contact
City Legal Office re: Prop 8 – Josh to contact
DPW re: major projects in the neighborhood like the water line replacement – Rob to contact
Brainstorm ideas to increase meeting attendance. Ideas and suggestions include:
We agreed to rename the meetings from “Membership Meetings” to “Public Meeting”
Josh will design/execute a reminder email blast to members and any email we have to be sent a week before the meeting and the morning of the meeting. “Message to be simple. Something like “Public Meeting Wednesday September 19th at 7:00-8:30 B of A Community Room” perhaps some of the topics and/or speakers to be included
Dan will research/produce an EVNA Facebook and Twitter account. We can use these avenues for reminders and forums
ALL Board members are requested to bring three neighbors to the next meeting

September/October Newsletter
Articles for the next Newsletter
Castro Street Fair - Rob
Neighbors Faves – Dianne
Friends of the Urban Forest - Aaron
SF Open Studios - Rob
Eureka Valley History – Dan (assist from Rob)
Planning - Steven
Prop 8 - Josh
Golds Gym – Dan
Articles due to Dan by 8/30
Dan sends collected articles to Judy/Mary Edna by 9/1
Judy/Mary Edna send edited work back to Dan by 9/7
Dan sends collected work to Rob 9/10 for layout
1st draft sent to Alan/Judy/Mary Edna by 9/14
any corrections/alterations back to Rob ASAP and final draft finished by 9/16
Newsletter to printer 9/17
Distribution 9/21

Nakedness in the Castro
A long discussion ensued regarding whether or not EVNA had an opinion or stance regarding the Naked Guys (Naked People) that seem to have increased in numbers and frequency in the neighborhood. The Board is really divided as to whether or not they like/dislike this development. It is somewhat clear that California law allows this behavior. Individuals can complain to SFPD and file a complaint on a case by case basis. In the end EVNA took no official position but felt that the conversation may continue and that if the Naked Guys begin to impact businesses then MUMC might take on this issue. For now…

Castro Street Fair
Rob has asked each Board Member to commit at least two hours on the day of the Fair and that each Board Member recruit at least two other people to volunteer at least two hours. Rob will send out a schedule to sign people up.

Committee Reports
Castro Theater Gate
The new parking lot gate seems to be doing its job. Reports are that the partiers have moved the late night revelry up to the parking lot behind the Pottery Barn.
Trigger is closed and someone has purchased the liquor license
Planning Issues
Judy updated the 376 Castro Project
Josh is back – welcome back Josh – and will review several pressing issues (see item 2). Steve suggested an off-site to brainstorm website issues. It was agreed that this would be a good idea

New Business
Freedom from Tobacco is looking for our support of their proposal to SFDPH regaring smoking in outside patios (see July/August Newsletter). A motion that “EVNA support the current law regarding smoking in bars and patios”. The motion did not pass. The next motion was that EVNA would take no position. This motion passed unanimously.
New Board members: it was pointed out that all the new Board members were elected in the past year. In order to stagger the terms Alan suggested that all new Board members elected last November resign and be re-elected this November. This will stagger the terms with the older Board members so that there is overlap.

Adjournment @ 8:40PM

Respectfully submitted,

Rob Cox
Recording Secretary

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