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It's been brought to my attention that there's some confusion resulting from an earlier email to our membership on April 15th regarding the Dolores Green Belt District and EVNA's position on the matter. 
EVNA did issue a qualified letter of support in February praising the general direction of the project, but did not have enough information at the time to issue a full and and unqualified endorsement as the management plan was not available- so, EVNA's board and it's membership are still very much in the research and discussion phase as to how we weigh in on a final endorsement of the project. More information and conversation is needed.
To that end, I would like to share with you a communique from the Dolores GBD, intended as a clarification to some of the points made in the April 15th email:


The following attempts to clarify some of the points in the recent EVNA email about the proposed Mission Dolores Green Benefit District that includes a portion of Eureka Valley east of Castro St.


A group of residents and local business owners active in several community organizations has proposed addressing the Quality of Life issues we face with a new Green Benefit District (GBD).  The goal is to make the neighborhood cleaner, safer, and more welcoming, while preserving its unique character.  


A GBD is a type of Community Benefit District.  Funds are collected via an assessment on properties and used to provide new services to the community.  The services are outlined in the Management Plan and administered with the oversight of a non-profit board nominated elected by property owners in the district.


The assessment will be ~$120 per year for an average condo (1200 sqft) and ~$220 annually for a typical single family home (2400 sqft). That’s roughly $10-20 per month, less than a dinner out, dedicated to making a positive impact to our community.


This a neighborhood assessment, meaning all funds collected are reserved for providing new services specifically for our neighborhood.  Unlike a tax, the funds cannot be diverted by the City for other uses.  For renters and landlords, your current leases and SF Rent Control regulations govern whether the assessment can be passed through directly.  Additionally, a lower assessment rate is proposed for non-profits.


Learn more at an upcoming EVNA meeting or be visiting


The EVNA does support the process of neighbors trying to improve their communities.  We encourage our members to educate themselves on the Dolores GBD proposal before coming to a final decision. We will continue this discussion at our next general meeting on 5/22, when members and guests will have the opportunity to hear a presentation in favor and a presentation opposing the project, and can weigh in with their own comments and questions. Should our membership vote to support this effort, we believe this GBD will represent another stakeholder with which the EVNA can collaborate to address the Quality of Life issues currently facing our neighborhood. 
Hope to see you at the May 22nd meeting!
Mark D McHale
Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association- President
Resident and Business Owner, Eureka Street
The Castro/Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association
PO Box 14137, San Francisco, CA 94114
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