A Lot of Problems

We continue to have problems with the parking lot off of Castro Street (adjacent to the Castro Theater). The lot is isolated from Castro Street behind a group of businesses and Hartford Street residences and provides a seemingly private area.

On any given night, as early as 11:00 pm and as late as 3:30 am, there are major disturbances in the parking lot. These range from drunken parties with loud laughing, screaming and car stereos blasting to what appear to be gang related altercations.

We have lived here since 1997 and this is a recent phenomenon. These incidents have become increasingly more frequent and seemingly more boisterous over the past two and a half years. They are particularly frustrating for the neighbors on the western side of Hartford Street.

Imagine three nights a week being woken up at 2:30 and the noise and disturbance lasting for up to an hour. By the time you get up and call the police you have now been awake for over an hour. And now you have to get up and go to work. It is fairly clear that the people causing the disturbances have no respect for the neighborhood. And in most cases are drinking, partying and then driving off into the night.

A group of neighbors from this side of the street have been in contact with and have met with members of the SFPD, CBD, EVNA, CCOP, some bar and club owners and have attempted to bring in Supervisor Bevan Dufty. To their credit, Scott Wiener and Rebecca Prozan have become involved also.

SFPD has tried to make hourly passing calls to the parking lot. Patrol Special has tried to dedicate an officer there from 11-3 Thursdays through Sundays. We are also investigating gating off the lot from mid-night until 6 am. We believe this is the best solution.

While we appreciate the efforts of SFPD and Patrol Special this is still not working. And we are sure that SFPD has more pressing problems than this. Three times this week we have had situations in the parking lot late at night. Supervisor Dufty’s office has never responded to our requests for help or even acknowledged our concerns regarding this quality of life issue.

There are neighbors on this side of Hartford who are seriously considering selling their house and moving.

We will continue to work with Scott Weiner, EVNA SFPD and Patrol Special and to work to get a gate installed but we are at our wits end and need to bring some pressure to bear on our elected officials. It our neighborhood let’s work together to keep it safe and livable.

Please make your voice heard, thank you.


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