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This new* EVNA website now is based on the WordPress Content Management System.  Our site from 2007 through 2015 was managed by the Drupal CMS, which is a significantly more powerful CMS, however, the Drupal user interface (UI) was significantly more complex, and hence a deterrent for many of our members to contribute to the online content.  Additionally, our former version of Drupal-6 was no longer supported as of March 2016.  Although we had the option to upgrade to Drupal 7, it just made better sense to transition to WordPress at this time.

*as of March, 2016

Changes from the former Drupal based CMS site include:

  • Significantly improved UI
  • Former usernames and email addresses of the Drupal site could not be imported to this site, former members  will need to re-register.  Additionally, the new WordPress CMS will require you use a strong password.
  • Some content such as user polls, surveys, and online knowledge quizzes could not be transitioned to the new site CMS.
  • Rosters are maintained by the membership management solution.

All those who work, live and play in Eureka Valley are welcome to join in our online discussions.  Once your dues have been paid and received, you are automatically approved to contribute to online discussion where available.

*as of March 2016

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