Board of Directors


crispin-106x106Crispin Hollings Collingwood Street

Crispin has been a resident of the Castro neighborhood since 1990. He moved to San Francisco for a job repairing jet engines with United Airlines and has been active in many local community organizations ever since. Most recently he has served on the boards of the Castro Country Club and the Metropolitan Community Church and is presently serving as the Board Treasurer for the San Francisco Municipal Executives Association. Crispin currently works as the Financial Planning Director for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Crispin and his husband Luis live on Collingwood Street and have been members of EVNA since 2012. Crispin has served on the Board of EVNA since August 2014.

Scott Johnson Dorland Street

Scott Johnson moved to San Francisco in 1995 and has been a resident of Eureka Valley since 2002. He and his husband have been members of EVNA for four years. Scott has worked in the retail industry in San Francisco for the past 18 years. In his spare time he enjoys pairing outdoor activities with health and wellness fundraising. He has completed two Aids LifeCycle rides from San Francisco to LA as well as participating in other events to raise funds for the SF AIDS Foundation and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. He also has a passion for animal rights and is a lifetime member of the World Parrot Trust.

steve-85x85-Steve Hall 19th Street
Director of Information Technology

Steve Clark Hall is a native of San Francisco and has been owner of his 1885 home on 19th Street since 1984. He is a California state licensed general contractor who specializes in historic preservation. He has been a member of the EVNA since 2001 and a member of the planning committee since 2002, having also served as committee chair and as ENVA president.

Board Members

Alan Beach-Nelson, Castro Street
Past President

Alan Beach-Nelson has been a resident of Castro/Eureka Valley since 1993, and a member of EVNA since 2002. He was invited to run for EVNA’s Board in 2008, serving as Treasurer, then Secretary and Planning and Land Use Committee Chair in 2009, and currently as President since 2010. During his tenure, Alan has increased EVNA’s membership and subscribers and increased community outreach via social media and an expanded bimonthly newsletter. Alan’s husband Daren encourages and supports his extensive neighborhood involvement. Professionally, Alan is a senior level non-profit executive with extensive fund-raising and management experience.

Rob Cox Hartford Street

Rob Cox has been a resident of the Castro neighborhood since 1991. He is a working artist with his painting studio out at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Rob has been a member of EVNA since 1997 and has served as Secretary on the Board of Directors since 2010. Rob served four years in the US Navy and has a background in college admissions recruitment. He has worked as a corporate trainer for several Bay Area companies. He served for two years as the Executive Director for a local non-profit art organization. He is also a Master Trainer for the Indoor Cycling Group.

James Kelm Castro Village Wine Co.
Newsletter & Social Media

James Kelm moved to San Francisco in 2000 with his partner, Kenneth. James is the co-owner of Castro Village Wine Company with two friends. As a prospective EVNA board member, James would hope to provide the perspective of both a denizen and a small business owner.

Loïc Olichon 18th Street

Loïc Olichon was born and raised in France, and has been living in the Castro for the past 8 years. He is a software engineer working downtown. Since moving to the neighborhood, he has been interested to know more about its history and new directions. He has been involved with the creation of the 4500-4600 18th neighborhood watch. The whole neighborhood might change in the next year or so, with the impending housing development and the rejuvenation of Castro street. He would like to help to create more involvement from the diverse members of the evolving community.

Mary Edna Harrell Castro Street
Newsletter Editor

Mary Edna Harrell has enjoyed living in the Eureka Valley/Castro Neighborhood since 1986. The diversity and quality of life here are important to her. As a member of the EVNA Board she endeavors to maintain and enhance this quality for both commercial and residential constituents.

Zac Townsend Dorland Street

Zac Townsend works at Silicon Valley Bank, where he leads efforts around direct channels. Zac has lived on Dorland Street for three years, since moving from the east coast where he lead innovation and technology efforts for then Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker.

Ex-Officio Directors

Judith Hoyem 17th Street

Long-time Board Member, Judy Hoyem, is retiring from service on the Board of Castro/Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association. However, Judy remains involved with EVNA as a member of the Planning and Land Use Committee. We are grateful for her years of service. Judy has been a resident of 17th Street since 1971. She is a long-time member of EVPA/EVNA; a long-time member of the Planning Committee, Chair of the Committee several times, most recently for the past three years. Her neighborhood efforts are informed by concern for others, neighborliness, and the promotion of community, ideals that she tries to manifest by working together with others on mutual goals. She has a particular interest in maintaining the friendliness, livability, and affordability of Castro/Eureka Valley even as the Upper Market area explodes with new high-end housing and many new businesses.

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