Founded in 1881, the first President of the Eureka Valley Promotion Association was Behrend Joost, known in the neighborhood as the "Father of Southwest San Francisco" and "Grand Old Man of Twin Peaks.".

Here is a list of EVPA/EVNA presidents since our founding in 1881, a few missing will require some innovative research:

EVNA Presidents

1881Behrrend Joost1930-34 Manuel F. Sylva
1882Horace Souther1936-37 L.D. Bolger
1883J.L. Luty1938-39 Dr. Glen P. Vincent
1884J.J. McMahon1940Ross T. Shoaf
1885M.S. Osterhoudt1941Charles T. Backus
1886W.E. Stevens1942-47 Mrs L.R. Pownell
1887Samuel Theodore1948-49 E.M. Gaffney
1888E. McKnew1950George S. Hill
1889W.C. Grace1951Burton J. Pacioretty
1890C. Mibach1952Willard W. Grundel
1891M.V. Stevens1953-54 Albert J. Schomacker
1892C.W. Adams1955Ross T. Shoaf
1893James Whittaker1956-57 Burton J. Pacioretty
1894-95W. Denvir1958-59Ross T. Shoaf
1896-99J.J. McDonald1960Burton J. Pacioretty
1900W.J. Cuthbertson1961-62 Ross T. Shoaf
1901-02 Hon. W.L. Coles1962-63 Mario Spagna
1903-04 R.C. Clark1971David Leash
1905Hamilton J. Riggins1975Sue Hestor
1906R.H. Plant1979Lee Mentley
1907Dr T.X. Sullivan1988Richard Lesnick
1908Nick Morrissey1989-91 David Johnson
1909Eugene Wormell1992Rachel Heyman
1910Henry Becker1993-96 Mike Klinkenberg
1911Dr T.X. Sullivan1997Rachel Heyman
1912W.B. Bush1998-01 Lion Barnett
1913Chas. K. Blender2002-03Gustavo Serina
1914Frank Schafer2004Joe Foster
1915Louis Peterson2005Adam Hagen
1916-21 Henry Becker2006-07Frank Weiss
1922Leo Hass2008Steve Clark Hall
1923Dr. M.J. McGranaghan2009Scott Wiener
1924Lou L. Lobree2010-15Alan Beach-Nelson
1925-27 Henry Becker2016-17Crispin Hollings
1928P.M. Shoaf2018-19Mark McHale
1929A.J. Bullerdieck
A listing of all EVNA Presidents that we know of



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