Agenda, EVNA Board meeting, February 10, 2010

Castro/EVNA Board Meeting
February 10, 2010; 7PM - 8:30
Who Time
• Budget: establishing 2010 Budget Demian 7:00

• Mission Statement review/discussion Gary/Alan/Judy 7:10

• Newsletter discussion/timeline Alan/Committee 7:20
o Size/scope
o Content
o Budget
o Castro Courier ad

• Report and discussion of groups EVNA belongs and reps All 7:40
o Upper Market Alliance, UMA Judy & Demian
o Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods, CSFN Demian
(Save Muni Summit 3/6, 9-1, Women’s Building, 3543 18th)
o San Francisco Housing Action Coalition
o Others?

• Committee Reports 7:50
o Planning (Judy, Alan, Brian, Gary, Jack, Steve) Judy
o Pink Triangle Foundation (Justin, Jack, Diane, EVNA EC) Alan

• Next steps on Priority Committees and Chairs Alan/All 8:00
o Visibility/Membership (Rob, Wendy, Demian, Judy)
o Technology (Steve, Tim, Dennis, Thanos)
o Quality of Life (Rob, Dennis, Tim, Judy, Alan, Aaron

• Update on action Items 8:15
o Bylaws update and posting of SoS filing link Steve
o Secretary of State filing Rob
o Name change with City/Planning filing Judy
o Joint Supervisor Candidate presentation 9/15/10 Dennis/Gary/Alan
o Posting Membership meeting calendar w/BAR Rob
o Bank account signature cards Alan/Rob/Jack

• Adjourn All 8:30

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