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Next Meeting Wednesday, November 15th

Note: This is ONE WEEK EARLY because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Our next GENERAL MEMBERSHIP meeting is next WEDNESDAY, November 15th at 7:00pm at Harvey Milk Academy (this is a date change due to Thanksgiving Holiday)

We've got another full fun meeting planned.  On our meeting agenda:

  • Pink Triangle Park Award
  • SF Beautiful
  • Panel Discussion: San Francisco Police Department and District Attorney's Office discuss San Francisco's justice system
  • Elections: Vote for our 2018 EVNA officers and board members

Note, you must be a member in good standing to vote for the association officers and board members.  For members who registered online, you can verify your membership is current by logging onto our site from our home page here at


EVNA – Follow up: September 27th General Membership Meeting

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Hi EVNA Members,

Thanks to everyone who made it to last week's EVNA general meeting at Harvey Milk Academy. We had 43 neighbors in attendance! Welcome to all those attending who newly joined, and thanks to current members for renewing! 

Special thanks to our guest presenters: Assemblyman David Chiu with a legislative update, Tre Alan from SF Neighborhood Empowerment, and Susan Detwiler discussing highlights of the Eureka Valley Historical Context Review, and an honorable mention to Rafael Mandelman making a cameo appearance. 

Bringing our membership drive together: We extended an invitation to members who are interested in taking on a greater role within the EVNA. We are getting a lot of renewed interest in volunteering, and the door is always open to people who are solution focused with skills, time and energy to share!

Linked here is a worksheet lays out the available positions for election, and the various committees needing volunteers. Thanks to those who turned in your volunteer sheet - I'll be following up shortly with next steps!  If you missed the opportunity to volunteer on a committee or run for a board position, the linked worksheet is the handout with all the details. Please print it out and email it back to me with your preferences.

If you are interested in a Board Officer or Member position- please plan on attending the next BOARD meeting. Feel free to bring a short bio and "what I can bring to EVNA and this position" statements.

Our next BOARD meeting is October 10th at 6:30 at the Chase Bank Community Room (15th/Sanchez/Market Streets).

Board Officer and Member elections will be held at the next GENERAL MEMBERSHIP meeting.

Our next GENERAL MEMBERSHIP meeting is November 15th at 7:30pm at Harvey Milk Academy (this is a date change due to Thanksgiving Holiday) 

As always, if you have questions, feel free to email/text/call me at the numbers below.


Mark D. McHale
Eureka at 19th Streets

September Membership Notes

Assemblyman David Chiu gives the EVNA membership an update of the goings on in Sacramento
Assemblyman David Chiu gives the EVNA membership an update of the goings on in Sacramento

David Chiu gave an update of what is going on in Sacramento. Particular housing and transportation, testing of rape kits tested,  data collection to quantify bullying & workplace discrimination, and took questions from the audience.

EVNA Member Susan Detwiler presented the neighborhood historic context statement

Megan Hamilton from Supervisor Jeff Sheehy's office  introduced herself and invited members to stay communicating with her office.

Meeting adjourned at 20:10,  the next membership meeting will be the third Wednesday of November, one week early due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

EVNA – Membership Meeting 8/27 & the Eureka

The September-October Eureka! is online for your reading pleasure at

A reminder and/or announcement about tomorrow's GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING.

Wednesday, September27, 2017, 7:00 pm to 9:00pm
Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Auditorium
On 19th between Collingwood and Diamond Streets


  • Eureka Valley Historical Context Statement Review
  • Update/Q/A with Assemblyman David Chui
  • Summer Meetings, Membership Drive Update
  • Officer, Board, Committee & Volunteering Opportunities

Thanks for making time in your schedule to attend tomorrow's meeting!

The Board of Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association would like to express their thanks for your attendance and interest. We’ve got some exciting history to tell you about, as well as some new  leadership and volunteer opportunities to discuss, and we look forward to your input and help.

For those who missed the July-August 2017 Eureka! you can find it for your reading pleasure online at

Next Meeting Wednesday 9/27/17

Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy (19th x Collingwood Streets)


In addition to the exciting agenda, we will have a chance to pick up the conversations from the member's meeting on 8/19 and from the new member's open house meeting on 8/09. 110 persons participated- there's lots of interest and enthusiasm.

What's your next step for volunteering with EVNA? We're always looking for talented and passionate people like you to keep things energized and moving forward. What are you up for?

We're looking for volunteers:

Board of Directors-  (qualifications required)

    • Officer Positions
    • Committee Heads
    • Board Members at Large

Committee Heads and Members

    • Social Committee
    • Membership Committee
    • Planning and Land Use
    • Quality of Life
    • Newsletter and Marketing

Do you have talent, time and/or resources to help the cause?

    • Management and Leadership skills
    • City/County Political/Government connections
    • Marketing, social media, website experience
    • Resources and time

If you've made some decisions or have additional questions you'd like answered, feel free to bring them with you to the next meeting. We will have time after the 8:30 adjournment to discuss and sign up!

With all the interest and turn out, we are excited to get things rolling again...

See you there!

Open House – Great Success!

We had a great turnout at tonight's Open House at the Eureka Valley Rec Center. A full room of potential  new members got to participate in an informative session.  A big thanks to Mark McHale for taking the lead.

John Goldsmith talked about the new developments in maintaining Pink Triangle Park + Memorial and shared  news about the large grant which will be used to make the park ADA accessible and improvements coming to make the park which I should a national memorial the destination that it should be.  Check out the Gardeners Guild Facebook page.

After A brief introduction of what the EVNA really does and ways that neighbors can be more involved, everyone in the room did a self introduction and shared their concerns and interests.

some concerns and issues voiced included (in order of being mentioned by attendees and not by priority or importance):

  • Unlawful evictions
  • Homeless issues
  • Vision Zero by 2020 for pedestrian safety
  • Recently missing rubbish bins along Market Street
  • Maintaining a vibrant neighborhood commercial district
  • EVNA as an advocate at city hall on issues beyond PLUC
  • Use of the 311 app
  • Astronomical commercial rents vs high vacancy rates
  • Car breakins and vandalism
  • More about homeless
  • more social meetings
  • public works issue like tree maintenance to preclude sign obstruction.



Welcome Meeting at EV Rec Center.

Open House

Ever wonder what’s going on in your own neighborhood and where you can get involved?

There are a lot of forces that influence and affect our neighborhood; politics, governance, development, community events, quality of life issues and economics, to name just a few.

Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association (EVNA) is a place to get plugged in for a better experience. We have been around since 1881, and we are still here and going strong. We are neighbors just like you; making the time to listen, learn, give, share and mobilize.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for us all to become better neighbors, improve our shared experiences, and advocate for issues and policies that matter to us.

We’d enjoy getting to know you, and welcome your participation.

Join us at our Open House in August and find out how you can get plugged in for good!

Open House/Membership Drive

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
7:00 to 8:30 pm
EV Rec Center, Upstairs Meeting Room
100 Collingwood Street (x 18th)

EV Rec Center, Upstairs Meeting Room 100 Collingwood Street (x 18th)
Rec Center

EVNA – Membership Meeting Tonight at the EVRC


7:00-7:15 - Meet and Greet your neighbors

7:15 - Introductions: Name, Street, What would you like to know about tonight?

Getting to Know EVNA

What We Believe In
History, Mission, Accomplishments
Structure and Volunteer Opportunities
Officers and Board Members set the course
Committees are where the work gets done!

7:30 Open Discussion & Q&A

Ideas and Input

8:00 EVNA Going Forward

Being of service to the community, being relevant today
Forum for discussion and coordination of action
Broadening our outreach to include the spectrum of voices
Comments and Questions

8:30 Adjourn

Thanks for making time in your schedule to attend tonight’s meeting!

The Board of Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association would like to express their thanks for your attendance and interest. We’ve got some exciting history to tell you about, as well as some new opportunities to discuss tonight, and we look forward to your input and help.

Eureka Valley Historic Context Statement – Call for Comments

Call for Comments by August 18, 2017

EVNA and SF Planning are soliciting community comment on the draft historic context statement for Eureka Valley. Planning would like to receive comments by August 18, 2017.

The project was sponsored by EVNA, and funded by a grant from the Historic Preservation Fund Committee. A community presentation about the historic context statement, its findings, and the next steps was held on July 10, 2017.

The draft document is available for download on Planning's website. Information about the project, as well as the slides from the July 10 presentation about the document, are also available at this page:

There's also a helpful FAQ explaining what a historic context statement is, how they are used, and then next steps in the project:

Comments and questions can be addressed to:

The project will also be discussed at EVNA’s next general membership meeting on September 27, 2017. It’s anticipated that public hearings regarding adoption of the context statement will take place at the Historic Preservation Commission in October 2017.

EVNA – Eureka Valley Draft Historic Context Statement Presentation

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EVNA Members,

Eureka Valley Draft Historic Context Statement Presentation

Monday, July 10, 7pm

Chase Bank Community Meeting Room

2112 15th St (at Sanchez and Market)

Several years ago, EVNA secured a grant from San Francisco’s Historic Preservation Fund Committee to create a “historic context statement”. A historic context statement is a document that details the historic property types that are found within a neighborhood or city. It links specific property types to themes, geographic patterns, and time periods.

EVNA contracted with Elaine Stiles, a Ph.D. candidate in the History of Architecture and Urbanism at UC Berkeley, to produce the historic context statement. Elaine made an initial presentation about the project at our general membership meeting back in January 2016.

We’re excited to announce that the draft of the Eureka Valley Historic Context Statement is now available for download on SF Planning’s website!

Elaine will present the findings from the historic context statement on Monday, July 10, at 7pm, at the Chase Bank Community Meeting Room, 2112 15th St. Representatives from SF Planning’s Historic Preservation Program will also attend. The presentation will cover:

  • What is a historic context statement? What is the purpose, and how is it used?

  • Overview of the Eureka Valley Historic Context Statement findings on historic resource types in the neighborhood

  • Recommendations for future historic preservation work in Eureka Valley based on the context statement analysis

  • What comes next in the context statement process

  • Time for your questions, comments and feedback

Please see Planning’s web page for more information on the project, including an email address you can use to get more information, or comment on the project.