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Chief of Police Selection Committee Community Meeting, Thursday, 2/24 6PM at LGBT Center

Over the years, the SFPD has become more equality focused with greater diversity on the force and in leadership positions – there are at least 4 OUT LGBT Police in positions of authority. I know that the Castro/Eureka Valley community is at the forefront of equality and diversity so our voices need to be heard in the selection of the next Police Chief to ensure the gains that have been made remain in place and to ensure equality and greater diversity, e.g. trans members, is represented on the SFPD. I encourage you to attend the February 24, 6PM to 8PM at the GLBT Center.

alan beach-nelson
Castro/Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association


The San Francisco Police Commission has begun the process of selecting nominees to submit to Mayor Edwin Lee for the position of Chief of Police for the San Francisco Police Department. The Commission invites public participation in this process, including input from the public on preferred qualities an characteristics for the next Chief of Police.

Members of the public are welcome to provide public comment at the Commission's regularly scheduled meetings, and to submit written materials to the Commission.

In addition, the Commission has scheduled three community events where Commissioners will meet with members of the public and listen to input regarding the qualities and characteristics sought in the next Chief of Police. Two events have already transpired and one more is scheduled on the following dates at the following locations:

- Thursday, February 24, 2011, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center located at 1800 Market Street. The San Francisco LGBT Community Center is providing use of its facility for this event.

ALL MEMBERS of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend these community events. Request accommodation? Please contact the Police Commission Office at 415-553-1667.

Central Subway

A Visionary Plan or a Wasteful Boondoggle? The Central Subway is a $1.58 billion project of Muni for an underground extension of the T-line to connect CalTrans with Chinatown via a 1.7 mile subway under 4th and Stockton Streets with stations at Townsend (CALTrans), Brannan, and Howard (Moscone Center) on 4th; and on Stockton at Geary (Union Square) and Sacramento (Chinatown) at the end of the line. This is an approved project but funding is not yet secured. Come to the Membership meeting on March 23rd to learn more.

Castro/EVNA Board Meeting Minutes, February 9, 2011

Castro/EVNA Board Meeting Minutes
February 9, 2011; 7 – 8:30


Rob Cox*
Judy Hoyem
Tim Eicher
Gary Weiss
Steve Clark-Hall
Aaron Seiverston
Dennis Richards

Visiting: Susan Laley

Meeting began 7:05

• Welcome

Board membership

Jerry Cooper has resigned for the Board and joined MUMC where he believes his interests and impact belong.

Rob asked all board members to recruit and nominate new Board members ASAP. Alan as president should solicit the membership via email and ask if anyone is interested in Board membership or committee work.

A reminder email from the president needs to be sent out asking for membership renewal.

• Treasurer Report
Steve Clark-Hall has not had a chance to meet with Demian to exchange the paperwork. Item was tabled.

• Implementing Protocol/Systems
As this was a topic Alan wanted to discuss and he was absent we tabled this.

• Brainstorming 2011 Priorities and Goals

a) Build alliances with other organizations and groups; UMA, MUMC, Planning, etc.
b) Poll residents for their vision of what the retail mix should look like.
c) Identify and pursue issues that affect the neighborhood; Items proposed:
• Crime/safety
• Civic Responsibility/beautification (egg, AT&T boxes)
• Liaison with supervisor
• Historic Survey/Preservation
• Utilize the Newsletter more effectively (e.g., crime report, community column)
• Become a “clearing house” for civic activity
• Publicize things like sidewalk gardens and flower baskets on Castro Street.

Committee Reports

• Upper Market NCTD approved
• Next items Gold’s Gym & RC Station
• MCD’s – JD still asking for rezoning. The Planning Committee is against this exemption
• Spot zoning will be an ongoing issue
• The Central Subway is not a “done deal”, waiting for Federal Funds. If Central Subway is given up that money could become available for other transportation projects (MUNI?)
• A request was made to bring both Central Subway parties to present at an EVNA meeting
• Susan talked about her Historic District classification and how can we broaden this study to include the Castro/Eureka Valley
• Dennis invited everyone to the 2/14 meeting of DTNA to hear the Trader Joe’s presentation.

Community Awareness
• The temporary gate could go up on the Castro Parking lot as soon as 2/11/2011
• Alan was elected as the EVNA representative to UMA
• A vote needs to be taken on whether or not to remain members of CSFN

Action Items
• Posting of SOS filing link in Ops Manual – Steve
• Secretary of State filing – Rob
• Clean up of Board email addresses/aliases – Steve
• Technology Operations Manual - Steve

Next Board Meeting: NOTE change of date, March 16, 2011 –location TBD – Chase or Alan’s home

Castro/EVNA Board Meeting Minutes, January 12, 2011

Castro/EVNA Board Meeting Minutes
January 12, 2011; 7 – 8:30

Alan Beach-Nelson
Rob Cox*
Judy Hoyem
Tim Eicher
Gary Weiss
Steve Clark-Hall
Aaron Seiverston
Jerry Cooper

Meeting began 7:05

• Introduction of new Board members

We introduced new Board members Aaron Seiverston of Hartford Street and Jerry Cooper owner of Swirl on Castro

• Election of Treasurer

Steve Clark-Hall was unanimously elected as the new treasurer and will take over from Demian.

• MCD’s

There was wide ranging discussion regarding opening a Medical Cannabis Dispensary (MCD) in the Castro. We reviewed the locations that an MCD could locate in the Castro baring other site specific restrictions. Essentially it is the block of Church between Duboce and Market, intersection of Church and Market; Market between Noe and Castro starting at about halfway between and west to Pottery Barn. One spot on the South side of Market at about Coldwell Banker, and another on the southwest side of 18th near Noe. The discussion ranged from welcoming a responsible business to concerns about possible criminal elements that could surround the MCD. How many MCD’s would we support in the neighborhood? What are the concerns of neighbors? What are the controls for selling the product? Reselling the product? Will there be traffic flow – pedestrian and vehicular – issues? Concerns about legal quantities that can be purchased in one day – 1oz, about 36 joints. Jerry noted that he is not required to limit how much hard alcohol or wine a person can buy and felt this point was moot.

Motion: EVNA’s official position on Medical Cannabis Dispensaries will to review each on the merits of the location, plan and design as long as the proposal conforms to current zoning. EVNA will not support any variance requests relating to an MCD. Steve Clark Hall; second: Aaron Seiverston. Unanimously approved.

• 479 Douglas
The neighbors of this project presented to EVNA to update us on the progress of the EVNA brokered negotiation. A legal agreement was worked up between all neighbors. However, according to the neighbors the agreed upon revised plans have never been received. They therefore did not become party to the agreement whereas the two immediately adjacent neighbors have. Apparently the legal agreement contains a non-disclosure clause. Neighbors feel that the process for a DR needs to continue since modified plans have yet to be provided. The neighbors were seeking EVNA support of their DR
Motion to support 479: Judy; Second: Gary 5 for and one abstention

Next Board Meeting February 9, 2011

A special message from SFPD CRIME ALERT: 5 Castro Neighborhood Arsons

All, I received this announcement from SFPD last Friday. As you may have heard there was another big fire at Corbett and Clayton. It is still UNCLEAR if this is related to the other five arsons. Stay tuned.

February 4, 2011


The San Francisco Arson Task Force is actively investigating the recent arson cases in the Castro and the Duboce Triangle areas of San Francisco. Officers in the Mission and Park districts are being vigilant in their patrols of the area as a preventative measure.

We are asking for help from the public. We want people in the Castro and Duboce Triangle areas to be alert for any suspicious activity they might see or hear. We know that in the early morning people are out walking dogs, going to work, or taking a morning jog. We need those eyes and ears to assist us in apprehending the suspect or suspects responsible for these criminal acts.

The public can contact the SFPD with information, however slight, by calling:
911 or 553-8090 (from your cell) if it is an emergency
415-553-0123 our non-emergency line
415-575-4444 our anonymous tip line
text a tip to tip411
Lastly, you can submit a tip on our

For additional information please call:

Media Relations Unit,
415 553-1651

Fire department says Twin Peaks fire was not arson

By Beat News Service February 6, 2011 No Comments Print Share
Tags: arson, Clayton, fire, San Francisco, San Francisco Fire Department
San Francisco Fire investigators said a two-alarm apartment fire in the city’s Lower Twin Peaks neighborhood early Monday morning was not connected to a string of suspected arson fires that occurred in the Castro District last week.

The latest fire broke out at 3:00 a.m. on the 1300 block of Clayton Street and displaced 7 residents, fire officials said.

The fire started in a back portion of the apartment complex, and also damaged an adjacent building before it was fully extinguished by firefighters.

Fire officials said the fire was accidental and was likely caused by combustable materials that spontaneously ignited.

RELATED: Fourth suspicious fire in Castro District reported
RELATED: Castro District residents worried after arsonist lights 3 fires in an hour
Fire officials said no one was injured in the morning fire.


Contact the Beat at

A Lot of Problems

We continue to have problems with the parking lot off of Castro Street (adjacent to the Castro Theater). The lot is isolated from Castro Street behind a group of businesses and Hartford Street residences and provides a seemingly private area.

On any given night, as early as 11:00 pm and as late as 3:30 am, there are major disturbances in the parking lot. These range from drunken parties with loud laughing, screaming and car stereos blasting to what appear to be gang related altercations.

We have lived here since 1997 and this is a recent phenomenon. These incidents have become increasingly more frequent and seemingly more boisterous over the past two and a half years. They are particularly frustrating for the neighbors on the western side of Hartford Street.

Imagine three nights a week being woken up at 2:30 and the noise and disturbance lasting for up to an hour. By the time you get up and call the police you have now been awake for over an hour. And now you have to get up and go to work. It is fairly clear that the people causing the disturbances have no respect for the neighborhood. And in most cases are drinking, partying and then driving off into the night.

A group of neighbors from this side of the street have been in contact with and have met with members of the SFPD, CBD, EVNA, CCOP, some bar and club owners and have attempted to bring in Supervisor Bevan Dufty. To their credit, Scott Wiener and Rebecca Prozan have become involved also.

SFPD has tried to make hourly passing calls to the parking lot. Patrol Special has tried to dedicate an officer there from 11-3 Thursdays through Sundays. We are also investigating gating off the lot from mid-night until 6 am. We believe this is the best solution.

While we appreciate the efforts of SFPD and Patrol Special this is still not working. And we are sure that SFPD has more pressing problems than this. Three times this week we have had situations in the parking lot late at night. Supervisor Dufty’s office has never responded to our requests for help or even acknowledged our concerns regarding this quality of life issue.

There are neighbors on this side of Hartford who are seriously considering selling their house and moving.

We will continue to work with Scott Weiner, EVNA SFPD and Patrol Special and to work to get a gate installed but we are at our wits end and need to bring some pressure to bear on our elected officials. It our neighborhood let’s work together to keep it safe and livable.

Please make your voice heard, thank you.



TIME: 7:00 P.M.
An ordinance is being prepared to extend the NCT zoning to sites on Market Street up to the intersection of Castro. This will bring consistency to the development standards for the entire Upper Market corridor. Of great direct value to the Upper Market community is that development along this block under the NCT zoning would now contribute the same community benefits fees that all other projects on Market Street will be making. These funds will go directly into public improvements in the area such as pedestrian safety and traffic calming, open space and sidewalk amenities, and transit improvement.
This meeting is co-sponsored by: Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association (DTNA), Castro/Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association (EVNA), Castro Area Planning and Action (CAPA) and the Castro/Upper Market CBD
For More Information Contact: Alan Beach-Nelson