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Homeless Forum March 10th at Eureka Valley Recreation Center, 7pm

New ideas for solving the Castro District's homelessness dynamic need to come from residents, merchants, and homeless; mutually exchanging experiences and insights. Under the auspices of CATCH (Creating Alternatives To Castro Homelessness) and the sponsorship of EVPA and DTNA, there has been organized a public educational panel on Castro District homelessness. This public discussion is an opportunity for all stakeholders in the Castro homelessness issue to hear from social workers, police officers, and homeless representatives. It will also be an opportunity for residents to discuss their concerns in a non-confrontational setting. The forum will take place at the Eureka Valley Recreation Center (located at 18th Street & Collingwood) on March 10 at 6pm.
The forum will focus on homeless resources and queer homeless youths' access to same. What resources have been effective in aiding queer homeless youth? What unique problems hinder queer homeless youths' ability to use certain resources? What can be done when no resource is available? Panellists will include homeless or formerly homeless queer youth, a Department of Public Health's homeless program representative, a Larkin Street Services representative, a representative of the LGBT Center's youth program, a specialist in dealing with street-level disrespectful/disruptive behavior, and a representative of the Haight Youth drop-in center program. The format will be ½ devoted to the panelists presenting information and the other ½ to the panelists answering questions from the audience.

Farmer’s Market coming to the Upper Market/Castro

It looks like it is going to happen. The negotiations are almost complete, the contracts to be signed soon. The Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association [] is organizing a farmers market that will be on Wednesdays on Noe Street from Market to Beaver street in front of Café Flore. They will present to ISCOTT [the organization that co-ordinates street closures in the City] soon, and the plan is for evenings from 4pm to 8pm. The intent is to have 25 to 30 booths, ranging from produce to bakery items, flowers, specialty foods and possibly even fresh sorbet [made from seasonal fruits] and meats. The market will include a community booth that will be for local non-profit and neighborhood groups and a merchants booth that will allow local merchants to present themselves. We will present any further information as it becomes available. We all should thank J.D. Petras for being the point person in helping make this happen and the Upper Market Alliance [an informational alliance of community groups in the Upper Market] for supporting this effort. We all look forward to this local farmers market.

Minutes of the November 20, 2008, EVPA membership meeting

The President called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

The September minutes were approved on motion and second.

The President provided the treasurer's report, since the treasurer was unable to attend the meeting.

Representatives from Whole Foods presented their plans for development of the S&C Ford site into a Whole Foods and adjoining housing. The representatives presented various schematics of the project. EVPA members asked questions, and a discussion was held. No action was taken on the project.

The Planning Committee presented its report, including an update on the Planning Department's discretionary review reform project, the possibility of having a universal planning notice, the status of the Housing Element, and various neighborhood projects.

The nominating committee presented its proposed slate of officers for 2009:
President: Scott Wiener
Treasurer: Demien Quesnel
Secretary: Alan Beach-Nelson
Members at Large: Dennis Richards, Gary Weiss
Upper Market Alliance Rep: Judy Hoyem
Coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods Rep: Demien Quesnel

On motion and second, the membership unanimously elected the proposed slate.

Scott Wiener, incoming president, discussed various ideas for 2009, including more active committees, a focus on public spaces, and forums during membership meetings.
The meeting adjourned at 9 p.m. The next meeting (and all 2009 membership meetings) will be held at the Castro Community Room, 501 Castro St.)

Minutes of the October 16, 2008, EVPA board meeting

President Steve Hall called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. In attendance were Steve Hall, Scott Wiener, Alan Beach-Nelson, Demian Quesnel, Judy Hoyem, and Richard.

Alan reported that EVPA has approximately $2,000 in the foundation account and $9,534 in the operating account. The budget is not yet ready.

Steve reported that we have 2 new members. Steve also reported on the status of the website and the implementation of new bylaws.

The Upper Market Alliance meeting is next Tuesday October 21. On motion and second, the board appointed Steve Hall as the authorized substitute for Judy Hoyem for the remainder of 2008.

Steve reported that EVPA received $360 from the Castro Street Fair, based on EVPA's volunteer hours worked.

The board discussed elections for the 2009 board. The board discussed the need to recruit new leaders to the organization and discussed a number of potential candidates. The board also discuss who would be a good fit for which positions. Steve will convene the internal affairs committee to formulate a proposed board slate, and the membership will vote at the November 20, 2008, meeting.

Demian reported on the activities of the Coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods, on which he serves as EVPA's designated representative.

Upper Market Plan scheduled for Planning Commission – Oct 23

The plan has been calendared for October 23, 2008 on the Planning Commission calendar. The details of the hearing are:

Planning Commission Hearing
October 23, 2008
1:30 pm (the hearing will start then, it is unsure exactly what time the Plan will be heard)
City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 400

Please note that as the community's efforts through the workshop series will be used for two different, but related purposes, there will be two products proposed for adoption.

The first document proposed for endorsement is the Upper Market Community Vision and Recommendations, which will be a standing statement of the community's broad work in the workshops, and a call to action for future work on the recommendations made by the community through that process. For those of you familiar with the draft document for review, this document contains all of the initial draft’s chapters 1-4 and 6. The Department will be asking for Planning Commission's endorsement of the Upper Market Community Vision and Recommendations at the hearing on Oct 23rd.

The second document proposed for endorsement is the Upper Market Development Design Guidelines, and it will direct building and site design to be of the character and quality specified by the community through the workshop process. For those of you familiar with the draft document for review, this document represents chapter 5 of the draft. The Department will be asking for Planning Commission's endorsement of the Upper Market Development Design Guidelines, and for adherence to these guidelines to be a driving criteria for approval of new development within the Upper Market Plan Area, at the hearing on Oct 23rd.


Minutes of the September 18, 2008, EVPA membership meeting

The president called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Those present introduced themselves.

On motion and second, the minutes of the July 2008 membership meeting were approved.

The president reported on the status of various items, including:
a. 2175 Market Street (76 Station): the owners will present their plans to EVPA at the November meeting
b. The 2009 board will be elected at the November meeting. Those interested should contact Steve Hall.
c. A Halloween neighborhood meeting will be called shortly.

Paul Boneberg, Executive Director of the GLBT Historical Society, presented the Society's plans for a temporary location at 18th and Castro, in the old Ritz Camera location. Washington Mutual is donating the space for one year -- from November 2008 through November 2009. The Society is obtaining permits to do the build-out. A conditional use permit is necessary because Washington Mutual will have ATMs on the Castro Street side of the property. Volunteers are needed to keep the location open 40 hours a week. The display will focus on LGBT history in Northern California. Admission will probably be $3, and there likely will be merchandise for purchase. On motion and second, EVPA voted to support the project.

Judy Hoyem presented on the status of the Historic Resource Survey that is occurring as the final step of the Market-Octavia Plan. The plan has been approved but the survey has not been completed. The survey will protect historic resources and settle disputes regarding the status of specific properties.

Demien reported on the status of the Thursday evening Farmer's Market that will occur on Noe at Market. On motion and second, EVPA voted to support the Farmer's Market.

Demien reported on the need for volunteers for EVPA at the Castro Street Fair.

Scott Wiener reported on the Castro/Duboce Community Safety Forum, scheduled for Thursday November 6 from 7-9 p.m. at the Eureka Valley Rec Center. Scott described the panel and the content of the program.

The meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m. The next membership meeting will be Thursday November 20 at 7:30 p.m.

Tree Planting for Eureka Valley

You are invited to plant a tree in front of your Eureka Valley home or business. A tree planting is being organized for Eureka Vally to occur sometime in the next four months once the "required minumum" number of trees for planting has been acheived. Please check the planting area map to see if you are withing the boundaries of this planting.

The cost of planting a tree, normally over $350 if done on your own, is being subsidized by Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF). The price through a FUF community planting is only $165.00. Act now while this funding still exists.

  • Trees engage & strengthen neighborhood relations.
  • Trees reduce crime by showing a neighborhood is cared for.
  • Trees build trust: neighbors who help each other plant & care for trees are no longer strangers!
  • Trees clean the air & absorb pollution like toxins that cause cancer & asthma.
  • Trees increase property value & attract customers to business.

    It’s easy! All you have to do is send in your application forms, attend the community meeting, select your species – and get ready to water your new tree.

    Please contact the Neighborhood Organizer: Doug Burch, eve 652-3234, to learn more and to sign up for a tree. Forms are also available online at

  • Castro/Duboce Community Safety Forum: Let’s Keep Our Neighborhood Safe For Everyone

    On November 6 from 7-9 p.m. at the Eureka Valley Rec Center, several neighborhood organizations, including Castro Community on Patrol, DTNA, Eureka Valley Promotional Association, and Merchants of Upper Market and Castro, will co-sponsor a Community Safety Forum focusing on the Castro and Duboce Triangle. Our neighborhood is an amazing one – vibrant, fun, diverse, and tightly knit – and we have been fortunate not to have some of the crime and violence problems that other neighborhoods have experienced. But, that doesn’t mean that our neighborhood is a bubble or that we shouldn’t be aware of, or respond to, the crime and violence problems that are part of living in San Francisco.

    Almost two years ago, we formed Castro Community on Patrol after a rash of sexual assaults in the Castro. During the time since then, the organization has tried to raise awareness in the neighborhood of all sorts of community safety issues, from violent crime to auto break-ins, etc. The goal has been not to scare people but rather to educate the community about how to make sure that our neighborhood remains a safe place for everyone who lives, works, and/or plays here.

    As Castro Community on Patrol celebrates its second anniversary, we believe it is important to take stock of where we are, where we should be going, and what we can all do to move in that direction. The forum will focus on a wide variety of issues, from street crime, to the role of SFPD versus the role of community policing, to hate crimes, to emergency preparedness during natural catastrophes, to homelessness. It will be a fluid discussion of the many issues that we, as a neighborhood, need to focus on in order to ensure that this amazing neighborhood remains the unique, diverse, and safe place that it has been for so many years.

    We will have a terrific panel of experts in different areas, each of whom will give his or her perspective on community safety in the neighborhood. We encourage people with a stake in the neighborhood to come out, listen, and participate in the discussion. It will be an interesting and productive evening, and we look forward to seeing you there.

    For more information, contact Scott Wiener at 437-9414.

    Minutes of the August 21, 2008, EVPA board meeting

    Present: Steve Hall, Scott Wiener, Demien Quesnel, David Weiss

    Steve Hall provided an overview of recently joined members, the status of the website, placement of the new bylaws on the website, and the newsletter (deadline for print is September 3).

    Steve indicated that he will be out of town for the September 4 MUMC meeting, and Scott agreed to attend for EVPA.

    The board discussed activities of the Community Benefit District, particularly the issue of whether to hang flower pots in the Castro. The board was split on whether this was a good idea.

    The board discussed EVPA's cash reserves.

    Demien discussed certain activities of the GLBT Historical Society, including the idea of creating a historical map of the Castro for use by residents and tourists. Someone from the historical society will be speaking at the September membership meeting.

    The board discussed the possibility of EVPA endorsing certain ballot measures but deferred the issue. Demien reported that EVPA has been abstaining at the Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods, which is frowned upon.

    The board discussed the Castro Street Fair and the need to recruit volunteers to work on behalf of EVPA. EVPA will receive proceeds from the fair depending on the number of volunteers it produces.

    Demien reported that efforts are underway to bring a farmers market to the Castro, twice a week, once on 17th Street (between Hartford and Castro) and once in front of Cafe Flor. The topic is being discussed in detail at the Upper Market Alliance.

    Steve reported that EVPA will need to elect a new board in November for 2009. The board discussed various issues relating to the election.

    Demien reported that the UMA is working on potentially allowing the Castro to have several additional full service restaurants.

    The board discussed the possible kiosk to be installed at Castro and Market, including various issues relating to the idea.

    Scott updated the board on the Community Safety Forum, scheduled for November 6, 2008 at the Eureka Valley Rec Center.

    The meeting was adjourned.