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Looking for Helpful Hands to Hand Out this Weekend!

Hi EVNA'ers-

We're in the middle of inviting everyone in the neighborhood  to the upcoming EVNA sponsored Supervisor's Debate being held on May 23rd. Last weekend, our volunteers delivered invites to over 1,100 households!

We're finishing up this weekend- I'm looking for a few more volunteers to join the team this Saturday at 10am May 19th picking up where we left off. It's easy work, fun, and feels good, too!

If you've got a couple hours to donate starting at 10am, send me an email ( and I'll give you details, would love to see your smiling faces!

President’s Update

Mark D McHale
2018 January

Happy 2018 to everyone! Hoping your holidays were full of family, friends, and good cheer.

Already, it’s been an exciting start to the new year- the new board members elected in November were installed at our first Board of Directors meeting on January 9, 2017, joining those who are continuing in their 2 year terms. Our commitment is to serve well our members, to provide opportunities to meet and get to know each other while we work on improving our shared experience. You’ll get to meet all the Board Members at our next Public meeting coming up later this month.

I’m especially happy to announce that we have most of our committees staffed again! Our special meetings last summer (for Members in July, and New Members/Volunteers in August) have really amped up the interest level in EVNA’s work and we now have more than 25 new members and a dozen people who have volunteered to serve on the Planning, Quality of Life, Newsletter/Marketing, Membership and Social committees. I’ve asked each committee head for his/her top three goals. You’ll get an update on EVNA committees and what they’ll be focused on in the coming months at January’s meeting.

The Quality of Life committee (QOL) will be in the spotlight this meeting. Everyone knows the Castro has its challenges and what’s happening on our streets is of concern to many. The QOL’s mission is to make our streets and homes safer, and they’ll be polling members for answers on where to begin.

What the hell is going on at Harvey Milk Plaza? Many EVNA members and our neighbors have registered a wide range of responses to the Harvey Milk Plaza redesign project, from being totally in favor of some or all of the changes, all the way to those who are vehemently opposed to any. There’s even a state of panic with some people- feeling left out and in the dark. Most telling of all to me is that so many people don’t have accurate information. The information rollout has been spotty and confusing. I’ve asked representatives from the Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza to give us the skinny on the design, where things stand, who’s paying for what, and how you can share your concerns as things move forward- you won’t want to miss this important presentation.

See you at the next EVNA meeting;

Wednesday, January 24th

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (come early, stay late)

Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Cafeteria

19th Street at Collingwood

Logo Contest

"The Sunny Heart of San Francisco" has been our motto as long as anyone can remember.  And even with global warming and sea levels quickly rising, our motto should have a very long and valuable, meaningful, relevant life.  The EVPA/EVNA logo, however, has evolved over time.  Changes mostly subtle, adding color, sometimes adding words.  None of our current leadership knows why any of the changes were made, although we can surmise.

It's time for our logo to get back to its Origin!

And the EVNA leadership wants to challenge our members to be creative, expressive and representative our our mission to reform our logo which can serve the EVNA in print, online and perhaps on a decal on your door for the foreseeable future.

Some attributes that may make for a good logo redesign:

  • Observe our History
  • Fit who we are
  • Be Unique, Recognizable, Iconic
  • Be able to adapt to print, online and other possible formats for uses on T-SHirts, Coffee Mugs, and Door Decals!

Here is the recent history of how our logo has evolved:

The Logo in Time - Logo History

This first readily available historic logo is from the September 2000 Eureka! Newsletter. The Logo was a black & white outline of San Francisco, with a sunburst and heart over the center, and vertical lines drawn through the ocean and bay.  Wording over the logo is difficult to read, but appears to say "the sunny heart of San Francisco" which was also a long-time slogan of the association.

In September 2001, the newsletter sported a new B&W logo, aligning the wording horizontally and changing the sunburst to octal points of a compass.  The vertical lines over the water were eliminated.

The first colored version of the logo appeared in the March-April 2008 Eureka!  Land was colored green and the water a light blue.

September 2011, the logo was replaced with the one currently in use for the Eureka! newsletter.  The compass points were replaced by an asymmetric Isotoxal octagramic blob with an aura, and colors were dulled.  The website address was added in the March-April 2012 version.

For Stripe credit card processing setup in March of 2016, the logo was simplified and colors adjusted to better coordinate with the Stripe site, although Stripe colors can also be altered to match our branding colors.   Wording was stripped for stripe, as were the bridges, colors brightened and the compass points restored.  The heart and compass each were given a slight drop shadow.



Proposed 2018 Brand Contest

512 x 512 which can be adopted to all formats, in Color & B&W

Perhaps the B&W version --> needs a box?  And the hearts should be larger??


Here's a variation of the 2018 entry:

November 15th Meeting Recap

Thanks to all who attended the final membership meeting of 2017. We had a full house with over 50 members in attendance, and the agenda made for an interesting session.

We always welcome new and returning members. You can sign up right here on our website, click on “Membership > Join/Renew” tab above. To make it easy, be sure to select the “recurring/auto-renew” billing feature.

First on the agenda; Megan Hamilton with a heartfelt acknowledgement and thank you to Justin delVersano, Ed Scruggs and Jack Keating for bringing Pink Triangle Park into existence, and their many years of care and service. Diane Nutting was also thanked for her support and fund raising efforts.

Darcy Brown, Executive Director of SF Beautiful, a non-profit whose mission is to champion local projects which beautify our civic spaces, enhance neighborhood character and promote public art. Darcy spoke of the many accomplishments of SF Beautiful, such as limitations on bill boards in the city, promoting art and artists on public transportation and spearheading the efforts to save our beloved cable car system.

For the main event, EVNA hosted a panel discussion including SFPD’s Lt. Chris Canning and Charles Bisessto representing the District Attorney’s Office. A panel discussion was moderated to discuss the low charge rates (50%) of felony arrests in SF.

Next, members voted for candidates seeking election to the 2018 EVNA Board of Directors. Many thanks for the outgoing Board Member James Kelm. The election results were tallied, and we welcome the newly elected to the Board:

President:   Mark D McHale
Secretary:   Leila Decker
Treasurer:   Steve Clark-Hall

Board Members at Large:

Rob Cox
Crispin Hollings
Alex Lemberg
Saad Hasan
Rob Anderson

Our new officers and board members will join the current roster of board members:

Mary Edna Harrell
Scott Johnson
Loic Olichon

Be sure to mark your calendars for our next meeting on Wednesday, January 24th at 7:00pm at the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy gym on 19th at Collinwood Streets (come a few minutes early and meet your neighbors as we set up). We’ll introduce the new board members, and the agenda will include discussion on the pros and cons of the proposed redevelopment of Harvey Milk Plaza/Castro Muni Station. It should be very informative and exciting evening!

Have a safe holiday season so we can see you at the beginning of 2018!

Next Meeting Wednesday, November 15th

Note: This is ONE WEEK EARLY because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Our next GENERAL MEMBERSHIP meeting is next WEDNESDAY, November 15th at 7:00pm at Harvey Milk Academy (this is a date change due to Thanksgiving Holiday)

We've got another full fun meeting planned.  On our meeting agenda:

  • Pink Triangle Park Award
  • SF Beautiful
  • Panel Discussion: San Francisco Police Department and District Attorney's Office discuss San Francisco's justice system
  • Elections: Vote for our 2018 EVNA officers and board members

Note, you must be a member in good standing to vote for the association officers and board members.  For members who registered online, you can verify your membership is current by logging onto our site from our home page here at


Open House

Ever wonder what’s going on in your own neighborhood and where you can get involved?

There are a lot of forces that influence and affect our neighborhood; politics, governance, development, community events, quality of life issues and economics, to name just a few.

Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association (EVNA) is a place to get plugged in for a better experience. We have been around since 1881, and we are still here and going strong. We are neighbors just like you; making the time to listen, learn, give, share and mobilize.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for us all to become better neighbors, improve our shared experiences, and advocate for issues and policies that matter to us.

We’d enjoy getting to know you, and welcome your participation.

Join us at our Open House in August and find out how you can get plugged in for good!

Open House/Membership Drive

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
7:00 to 8:30 pm
EV Rec Center, Upstairs Meeting Room
100 Collingwood Street (x 18th)

EV Rec Center, Upstairs Meeting Room 100 Collingwood Street (x 18th)
Rec Center

EVNA – Membership Meeting Tonight at the EVRC


7:00-7:15 - Meet and Greet your neighbors

7:15 - Introductions: Name, Street, What would you like to know about tonight?

Getting to Know EVNA

What We Believe In
History, Mission, Accomplishments
Structure and Volunteer Opportunities
Officers and Board Members set the course
Committees are where the work gets done!

7:30 Open Discussion & Q&A

Ideas and Input

8:00 EVNA Going Forward

Being of service to the community, being relevant today
Forum for discussion and coordination of action
Broadening our outreach to include the spectrum of voices
Comments and Questions

8:30 Adjourn

Thanks for making time in your schedule to attend tonight’s meeting!

The Board of Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association would like to express their thanks for your attendance and interest. We’ve got some exciting history to tell you about, as well as some new opportunities to discuss tonight, and we look forward to your input and help.

Eureka Valley Historic Context Statement – Call for Comments

Call for Comments by August 18, 2017

EVNA and SF Planning are soliciting community comment on the draft historic context statement for Eureka Valley. Planning would like to receive comments by August 18, 2017.

The project was sponsored by EVNA, and funded by a grant from the Historic Preservation Fund Committee. A community presentation about the historic context statement, its findings, and the next steps was held on July 10, 2017.

The draft document is available for download on Planning's website. Information about the project, as well as the slides from the July 10 presentation about the document, are also available at this page:

There's also a helpful FAQ explaining what a historic context statement is, how they are used, and then next steps in the project:

Comments and questions can be addressed to:

The project will also be discussed at EVNA’s next general membership meeting on September 27, 2017. It’s anticipated that public hearings regarding adoption of the context statement will take place at the Historic Preservation Commission in October 2017.

EVNA – Eureka Valley Draft Historic Context Statement Presentation

click to visit our website

EVNA Members,

Eureka Valley Draft Historic Context Statement Presentation

Monday, July 10, 7pm

Chase Bank Community Meeting Room

2112 15th St (at Sanchez and Market)

Several years ago, EVNA secured a grant from San Francisco’s Historic Preservation Fund Committee to create a “historic context statement”. A historic context statement is a document that details the historic property types that are found within a neighborhood or city. It links specific property types to themes, geographic patterns, and time periods.

EVNA contracted with Elaine Stiles, a Ph.D. candidate in the History of Architecture and Urbanism at UC Berkeley, to produce the historic context statement. Elaine made an initial presentation about the project at our general membership meeting back in January 2016.

We’re excited to announce that the draft of the Eureka Valley Historic Context Statement is now available for download on SF Planning’s website!

Elaine will present the findings from the historic context statement on Monday, July 10, at 7pm, at the Chase Bank Community Meeting Room, 2112 15th St. Representatives from SF Planning’s Historic Preservation Program will also attend. The presentation will cover:

  • What is a historic context statement? What is the purpose, and how is it used?

  • Overview of the Eureka Valley Historic Context Statement findings on historic resource types in the neighborhood

  • Recommendations for future historic preservation work in Eureka Valley based on the context statement analysis

  • What comes next in the context statement process

  • Time for your questions, comments and feedback

Please see Planning’s web page for more information on the project, including an email address you can use to get more information, or comment on the project.