Draft minutes from 5/15/08 EVPA membership meeting

The president called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

The president made the following announcements:
-Castro/Upper Market Community Streetscape Design Workshop, June 4, 6:30, Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy
-Castro Theater programming -- Indiana Jones movie will cause parking issues from June 22-29
-Website upgrade -- the site is becoming much more interactive and members are encouraged to contribute content
-The Eureka Valley Foundation has finally received 501(c)(3) status from the IRS

Pink Saturday
Sister Barbi Mitzvah from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence presented the Sisters' plan for Pink Saturday (night before Pride). The Sisters will continue to organize security for the evening and are working with law enforcement to increase safety, to prevent underage drinking, etc. A media blackout will be enforced again, which was successful last year in preventing the neighborhood from being overrun. Castro Community on Patrol will once again provide security assistance on the perimeter of the event.

Representatives of Levi Strauss presented their plans for the 525 Castro Street location that they propose to use. They stressed Levi's longstanding role in the LGBT community, the HIV/AIDS community, and the Castro neighborhood, as well as Levi's generous giving. They described the uniqueness of this store, unlike other chains. After a number of questions and discussion, on motion and second the membership voted to support the Levi's store at 525 Castro.

Greg Bronstein presented Jet's proposed expansion into the gallery space next door to the bar. Greg presented renderings and provided details about hours, usage of different parts of the space, and Jet's efforts to be a good neighborhood. After a number of questions and discussion, on motion and second, the membership voted to support Jet's proposed expansion and to authorize the Planning Committee to work out conditional use requirements.

Treasurer election
The president announced that Joe Caruso had resigned as treasurer. Alan Beach was nominated as treasurer and was unanimously elected by the membership.

The president provided an overview of the proposed bylaw changes. The proposed amended bylaws have been posted on the website for several months. On motion and second, the membership approved the bylaw amendments.

There were no additional reports or announcements. After discussion on various topics, the president adjourned the meeting at 8:44 p.m.

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