Advertise in the Eureka!

Castro/Eureka Valley businesses, we invite you to support EVNA by marketing your business to the local community through  advertising in Castro/EVNA's bi-monthly newsletter, Eureka!

Eureka! is published six times annually: January, March, May, July, September & November and is distributed to over 3,500 addresses in the core Castro/Eureka Valley District, generally, Sanchez Street to the east, Liberty/20th Street to the south, Douglass Street to the west and 16th Street to the north, and copies are to civic, planning and community leaders across the city.

Advertising Rates

Ad Size W H 3 Issues 6 Issues
Business Card 1.8” 3.5” $130.00 $225.00
1/6 Page 3” 3.5” $200.00 $360.00
1/4 Page 4” 5” $325.00 $550.00
1/3 Page 8” 3.5” $400.00 $700.00
1/2 Page 8” 5” $550.00 $1,000.00
Full Page 8” 10” $950.00 $1,750.00

You can upload your camera-ready art when you return to our site after payment via PayPal.

To pay via Check or Cash, you can download the Current Advertising Rate Sheet and submit your camera ready art online.

Six Months (Three Issues)

Ad Size

Full Year (Six Issues)

Ad Size

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