EVNA July 10, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

Call to order: 7:05 p.m.

Present: Alan Beach-Nelson, President; Rob Cox, Secretary; Gary Weiss, Treasurer; Judy Hoyem; Patrick Crogan; Mary Edna Harrell; Aaron Seivertson; Mark McHale

Guest: James Kelm, Board Candidate

Welcome and Introductions

Treasures Report
Balance sheet has been balanced and reconciled. Alan will try to get a budget column in the report by next meeting.

Editor's note: As of 7/31/13 we've had revenues of $11,353; expenses of $6,933 for a reconciled ending balance of $15,705. Year-end projected additional revenue of $4,250, and projected year-end expenses of $5,272 for a projected year-end balance of $14,683.

July Meeting
Shell Station lot project
Espressamente Illy

July Newsletter
Articles are in and waiting on the editing.

Advertising Drive
Castro Coffee - Rob and Alan secured
Bisou, pending
Jeffery’s Pet Store
Brewery on 18th, pending
Frappe, possible
Pica Pica, possible
Orphan Andy’s - Alan - secured

Alan noted that we have room for one to two more 1/4 page ads. Board Members are encouraged to follow up and stress that space is limited.

Membership Drive
36 still haven’t renewed. Please follow up with neighbors you know.

Espressamente Illy: in 8 cities in the US, Formula retail rules do not apply despite there being over 200 globally. Owner used to manage Pasqua and wants to come back to the neighborhood. He is a Castro/EV native having gone to Douglass and Mission High. Decided that EVNA would not ask for Discretionary Review, instead Alan will have a conversation with Illy with these points of conversation: retain historic façade; prohibition of alcohol; limited patio usage (10-7 negotiable to 9-8); no speakers on the patio; continuous communication as the project develops. If Joe will agree to these conditions in writing, we will not file a Discretionary Review. Agreement to be sent to Planning and posted on EVNA website. If he will not, then Judy will prepare the DR application in preparation for filing on 7/25 deadline.
Editor's Note: Joe agreed to all of our conditions and signed the agreement at the 7/24 Public Meeting. A successful strategy of working in partnership with local businesses.

Shell Project. Design concerns 10% open space; roof deck with wind screen; neighboring the Swedish American Hall; community benefits?; no onsite affordable housing?; roofline articulation?

EVNA will reach out to work with DTNA on this project. EVNA Board agrees to require onsite affordable housing. EVNA Board agrees to require 25% open space.

AT&T Boxes. AT&T is moving quickly to install these large boxes. Gary will take the lead helping to oppose the box installations. SF Beautiful is appealing the installation of these boxes.

September Meeting:

Formula Retail Panel:
Hour-long Panel discussion to help understand guidelines. Mark, Gary, Alan, to work on developing the panel.

DOMA/Prop 8: James to reach out to Deb Kinney for presentation.

New Business
Bank of the West seems to be hindering retail space to local businesses. Scott is taking the lead to make them honor the original agreement.

Kevin Ho wants to host an EVNA event in an historic home (that is for sale). The board feels that it’s inappropriate to hold an event that will appear to be promoting the sale of a home.

No August Board meeting. Board members are charged with providing newsletter content by the end of July.

Orie has agree to do an audit of neighborhood businesses.

Meeting adjourned 8:55

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