EVNA Membership Meeting Minutes Janaury 20, 2010

Minutes from the Membership Meeting
January 20, 2010, 7:30 p.m.

1) Welcome and Introductions
Introductions were made around the table at the first EVNA general Membership meeting of 2010 with new president Alan Beach-Nelson presiding. A special thanks to Chase Bank for making the new meeting space available.

2) Approval of Minutes

There were no minutes from the last meeting to approve.

Alan gave a brief overview of recent EVNA changes and activities.

• The bylaws were changed to increase the number of board members
• New officers were elected
• The name was changed from Eureka Valley Promotion Association (EVPA) to Castro/Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association (Castro/EVNA or EVNA). The legal name of the organization remains Eureka Valley Promotion Association (EVPA).

Richard M felt the name change was never vetted properly and question why the meetings were now at the Chase Bank and not the EVRC. Judy explained that EVRC is now charging for the use of the facility. Alan reviewed the name change process and that it was voted on by the members and was discussed and announced in the EVNA Newsletter.

2) Officer Reports

As of this date EVNA has a balance of $8,508.00

The PTPM Foundation has a balance of $1,493.00

Budgets are being developed for the Foundation.

Market/Dolores Neighborhood Assoc has had/is having input on the development for the corner of Dolores @ Market (S&C Ford bldg)

There is not yet any new information on the plans for a building on the corner of Noe & 16th

Golds Gym @ Market and Noe has proposed an expansion of the lot and wants to add additional stories. Expanding the building to five stories seems problematic and out of scale with the surrounding structures

There are plans under way for the space occupied by “Arco” station at Market & Castro

Trader Joe’s is still looking to occupy the former Tower Records space on Market Street

There are smaller, residential projects in the works, one at Market & Ord which has 7 lots, 4 have setbacks and one owner wants to build in the setback which would alter the character of the neighborhood

The Planning Committee meets on the first Wednesday of the month, 7PM @ Judy’s home

UMA (Upper Market Alliance)
Composed of nine civic groups, meets monthly to share information meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at the Chase Bank space

Nothing to report

2) Priorities & Goals

EVNA wants to identify goals and mission for the upcoming year. A brainstorming discussion floated the following initiatives for EVNA committees to focus on this year. Some of these initiatives will require the work of two or more committees. The committees were assigned to work on the following initiatives

Committee members: Judy Hoyem, Steve Hall, Jack Keating, Alan Beach-Nelson, Gary Weiss, Brian Kendall
Support historic preservation of the Castro/Eureka Valley neighborhood

Committee Members: Rob, Wendy, Demian, Judy
Build attendance for the general membership meetings
Neighborhood Information Kiosk
Recruit volunteers for the Castro Street Fair

Committee Members: Steve, Tim, Dennis, Thanos
User’s guide/training for committee
Website updates
Neighborhood Information Kiosk
WiFi info site at the 17th Street Plaza

Quality of Life
Committee Members: Rob, Dennis, Tim, Judy, Alan, Aaron
Foster a better relationship with the neighbors and the late night establishments (Castro After Dark)
Ad Hoc issues

Committee Members:
Alan, editor; Rob, designer; Judy, copy editor; Demian, distribution. Wendy and Diane volunteered to assist with distribution.

Pink Triangle Foundation
Committee members: Jack Keating, Justin, Diane Nutting, EVNA Executive Committee

3) New Business

Gary needs a briefing re: the city survey of historic/cultural/architectural significance report to create a Context Statement. The mayor’s office currently has funding for mission statement proposals for a Castro area Context Statement. The Corbett Heights Neighborhood Association (CHNA) currently has a mission statement. CHNA meets 1/28 @ 7:30

A motion was passed to standardize all EVNA meeting times at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned 8:40

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