EVNA Officer and Board of Directors Elections

EVNA Slate of Officers and Directors for ratification by membership, Wednesday, November 13, 2013. With membership approval, we will elect the whole slate in one vote. Or we’ll vote on each candidate individually. Brief Bios of each Officer and Board Member candidate is available in our current newsletter at http://evna.org/news

President: Alan Beach-Nelson, Castro St., a returning Officer candidate
Secretary: Rob Cox, Hartford St., a returning Officer candidate
Treasurer and Planning Committee Representative (Pending Bylaws change): Gary Weiss; Mars St., a returning Officer candidate

Committee Chairs:
Newsletter & Social Media:
James Kelm; Castro Village Wine Co., new candidate

Quality of Life Committee:
Aaron Seivertson; Hartford St., returning candidate

Patrick Crogan; Market St., a returning candidate
Tim Eicher; QBar, a returning candidate
Orie Zaklad; Collingwood St., a new candidate
Loïc Olichon; 18th St., a new candidate nominated by Alvin Chua

Ex-Officio Directors:
Planning Committee Chair, Jack Keating; 17th St., a new candidate

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