Homeless Forum March 10th at Eureka Valley Recreation Center, 7pm

New ideas for solving the Castro District's homelessness dynamic need to come from residents, merchants, and homeless; mutually exchanging experiences and insights. Under the auspices of CATCH (Creating Alternatives To Castro Homelessness) and the sponsorship of EVPA and DTNA, there has been organized a public educational panel on Castro District homelessness. This public discussion is an opportunity for all stakeholders in the Castro homelessness issue to hear from social workers, police officers, and homeless representatives. It will also be an opportunity for residents to discuss their concerns in a non-confrontational setting. The forum will take place at the Eureka Valley Recreation Center (located at 18th Street & Collingwood) on March 10 at 6pm.
The forum will focus on homeless resources and queer homeless youths' access to same. What resources have been effective in aiding queer homeless youth? What unique problems hinder queer homeless youths' ability to use certain resources? What can be done when no resource is available? Panellists will include homeless or formerly homeless queer youth, a Department of Public Health's homeless program representative, a Larkin Street Services representative, a representative of the LGBT Center's youth program, a specialist in dealing with street-level disrespectful/disruptive behavior, and a representative of the Haight Youth drop-in center program. The format will be ½ devoted to the panelists presenting information and the other ½ to the panelists answering questions from the audience.

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