June 12, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

Castro/EVNA Board Meeting Minutes
June 12, 2013; 7PM - 8:30 (7:30 - 9:10)
Herth Realty

Attending: Rob, Mark, Mary Edna, Tim, Patrick, Judy and Alan
Note: Rob forgot it was Wednesday so the meeting was moved to Herth Realty on Castro

Guests: Orie Zaklad, James Kelm, Les Natali, Luis Cuadra

1. Les Natali the Patio Café. Proposing to re-open.
A brief history of the Patio’s development. 1992 SF legalized the space for 160 occupancy. A number of requirements were met yet ADA requirements were still pending. CU’s forced the Patio to start from square one and apply for CU to operate as a restaurant. 2005 permission was given to merge the bldg. Certificate of occupancy signed off in 2012.

Les is seeking EVNA’s approval for the new CU’s allowing a restaurant in this space. Proposed new operating hours, serving food until midnight and a front bar until 2am.

There are concerns are noise abatement; skylight restrictions could be included; adjacent space is retail and not part of the Patio, the rear space of the retail space is part of the Patio. Planning Committee hearing July 18th.
Motion: to approve the CU authorization
Discussion: 9:00 close the skylight, hours of operation and standard conditions to be written (similar to the Café CU’s) and passed to the board.
Passed unanimous.

2. Luis Cuadra, Chipotle. Presentation on Chipotle occupying the former Home restaurant space. (Cory manager) 28 employees, 11:00 am-10:00pm. Tentatively planning to go to Planning Committee next week. There is local manager discretion.

Formula retail percentage would be 17-19% when the Safeway parking lot is eliminated from the equation. Community giving is a concern. Two fundraisers every quarter required by Chipotle. Wages & benefits: minimum wage and promotions from within as well as DP coverage, adoption coverage, education reimbursement.

Discussion: Chipotle is a model formula retail. But do we want a formula retail in the Castro?

Motion: That the Board not take a position to approve or oppose the Chipotle project. 5 in favor, 2 opposed*

* Gary emailed his vote to oppose Chipotle and he outlined his reasoning. I failed to report it. This changes the vote tally 5 in favor and 3 opposed.

More importantly, at our May 22nd Public Meeting, dues paying members voted to oppose Chipotle, 10 against, 8 to support. It was fairly close, but we should have considered this vote in our discussion before taking a position. 18 members represent more than our required 5% of membership voting.

Motion: EVNA oppose Chipotle based on membership informal vote. 9 in favor, 2 opposed via email voting

3. Treasurer’s Report
As of this date balance of $11,018.27.

4. July Meeting
Scott Wiener and David Chiu will be invited. SFPUC will give a presentation as well.

5. July Newsletter
Article submission deadline July 3, Mary Edna and Patrick need all articles no later than July 5th. Rob and Alan need all content by July 13. Newsletter to the printer by July 16.

Articles for the July newsletter:
• Castro Sidewalk Widening, 1 page+ - Alan
• Follow up - Patrick
• Scott Wiener - Alan
• Under One Roof Pop up - Alan
• PGE Blurb on gas lines - Alan
• Love Where You Live - Mark
• Castro/Upper market Vacancies - Alan
• SFPUC - Alan
• David Chui - Alan
• Planning Update - Judy
• CBD entertainment - Alan
• Neighborhood Faves - MEH
• Next Door - Orie

Mark will take over for Dan to coordinate the articles and manage the deadlines.

6. Advertisers
Please continue to work to get these businesses to advertise. Deadline is July 1st.
The Balloon place at States - Mark
Castro Coffee Co. - Rob
Rosenberg Deli - Patrick
Bisou – Mary Edna
Jeffrey's Pet Store – Aaron
The Brewery on 18th and Church – Aaron
High Tops – Tim
Mud Puppies – Mark
Jewelry Store - Gary

7. Membership Drive
41 members still not renewed valued at $1,090. Board members selected lapsed members from the list to contact and get to renew. Patrick will call the members who still haven’t renewed.

8. Board Development
The draft Board Roles and Responsibilities were reviewed.
Motion to adopt the Board Roles and Responsibilities as presented: Rob, second Mark. Unanimously approved.
Please continue vetting members for potential Board members. Please chat with Alan regarding specific needs. The goal is to bring the Board up to 15 people.

9. Statement of public participation at EVNA Committee meetings
The proposed statement has been amended and passed by unanimous vote of the Board to read the following:

Become involved and engaged in your neighborhood Association!

Members and general public are welcome to attend our Board and Committee meetings. All other committees meet on an ad-hoc basis. In order to ensure that committee business is conducted on schedule, guests may participate in agenda item topics only after all committee members have discussed the item. Participation is limited to up to 2 minutes and up to 6 guests per major topic. As necessary, the Chair may limit discussion at their discretion but will not be unreasonably withheld.

The Planning Committee meets the first Wednesday of the month and the Board the second Wednesday of every month from 7 to 8:30PM at Chase Bank Meeting Room. To attend a Board or committee meeting please email the chair in advance. For Board, President@EVNA.org, for Planning, Planning@EVNA.org. If you have a specific topic to discuss, we ask that you contact the appropriate chair so that the topic can be scheduled on the agenda.

10. Adjourn 9:10

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