Making Legal the Construction of In-Law Units in the Castro / Eureka Valley – FAQ

  • Is there a reason that the DBI will be providing their building code modifications for in-laws AFTER the change in planning rather than before?
  • Confirmation that the 500' exclusion radius around Scott's home is required by CCPC or other law or charter.
  • A single family zoned RH-2 (2 dwelling units) can add two in-laws?
  • Can a 2-unit RH-2 building combine the existing units into one, then add two if these inlaws?
  • If new construction can include the unit in initial plans
  • Can existing parking space in a garage can be removed to create the unit
  • Can a two-unit building with an additional in-law unit be condo-converted without going through (now suspended) lottery process?
  • Can an illegal structure in the backyard become legalized as an in-law unit?
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