Minutes from the Executive Board Meeting April 14, 2010, 7:00 p.m.

Attending: Alan Beach-Nelson, Rob Cox, Tim Eicher, Steve Clark Hall, Judy Hoyem, Gary Weiss
1.) Meeting Minutes from the March General Meeting were not finalized. Approval deferred until next meeting.

2.) Budget: establishing 2010 Budget – deferred until May - Demain

3.) Mission Statement approval deferred until next meeting. Rob will work up new wording.

4.) A general rule was proposed and agreed upon that BlackBerrys and/or iPhones will be turned off and/or silenced for the duration of the meetings in order that members will direct their attention to the meeting and the items being discussed.

5.) Newsletter
• May Newsletter EVNA will re-run the article on “Noisy Neighbors.”
• Alan will set a Newsletter calendar to provide deadlines for submissions and press times and present to the Board at the May meeting.
• Copy for the May Newsletter should be to Rob by 5/3. Suggested articles include Harvey Milk Day events in the neighborhood & a Planning article (Judy) to coincide with our May Membership Meeting focus on Upper Market Planning.
• Alan to Email blast to members upon completion, 5/7 and mail delivery 5/14
• Format is still 8 X 14 flyer and still in color, also the distribution will remain the same until further notice, with Demian taking the lead.
• It was decided not to run an article about the EF Language School but to offer the opportunity to make a short presentation at a general meeting time permitting. Alan to direct the EF School to the Castro Courier and suggest buying an ad in the Eureka!

6.) Email Protocol: Alan, as Board President, will field emails to EVNA and delegate them to other Board members as appropriate
Steve will organize a spreadsheet of Board Member email addresses and evaluate/recommend a workable flow to clean up our current system of aliases, etc.
In all cases neighbors who are not members and email EVNA should be encouraged to be dues paying members, and actively participate.

7.) Follow up with Castro After Dark will happen once the EVNA Quality of Life Committee meets (scheduled for 4/20) (Rob)

8.) Planning:
136 Ord is on the agenda at the Planning Committee for 4/15.
The neighborhood coalition, CAPA, DTNA and EVNA met with Bevan Dufty and Planning Department re. Upper Market Planning and Land Use and with Project Sponsor of 2299 Market (Church Pit). Alan & Judy represented EVNA. EVNA would like to see the same Market Street Corridor controls on all projects as agreed to in the Upper Market Charette. Discussion surrounding , our position if we have to vote on a discretionary motion. RESOLUTION: EVNA will support DR if we have to go that route. Resolution passed 5 to 0 with one abstention.

9.) Technology Committee:
Much discussion surrounding our need for an Operations Manual for Technology. Currently all knowledge of our systems reside with Steve. Steve agreed to schedule a Technology Committee meeting by the end of June and to work on a Manual in the interim. Steve to post SoS filing link to update and update EVNA bylaws
Rob will file with SoS

10.) Meeting adjourned 8:30

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