Minutes from the General Meeting, March 24, 2010, 7:00 p.m.


1) Welcome and Introductions
Special guests, Castro After Dark; Bob Davis, SF Entertainment Commission; Kate Conner from Planning and Enforcement

2) Approval of Minutes
Minutes approved by Executive Board

3) Castro After Dark Greg Bronstein from Trigger, et al, presented a profile of Castro After Dark (CAD). The group has been meeting for 6-8 months.

CAD would like to help the community become safer for neighbors, businesses and visitors. They have had debate about patrol formats e.g., Patrol Special or 10B (off duty officer) from SFPD. They have met with Mission Station Captain. They are trying to come up with a patrol format on a monthly of event based schedule.
They want to reach out to and would like communication ideas from neighborhood groups like EVNA and are looking for input from the community. EVNA will forma committee to work with CAD (QOL committee).

It is felt that the current patrol situation is inadequate - this information needs verification: currently Patrol Special patrols TH-SU until 2 a.m. and MO-WE until 11:00PM with one officer that covers a multitude of businesses, CAD along with EVNA, via the QOL committee will work to develop a solution for dedicated patrols.

4) SF Entertainment Commission
Entertainment Commission, Executive Director, Bob Davis, presented an overview of his office. The San Francisco Entertainment Commission was established in 2003 with the mission to regulate, promote and enhance the field of entertainment in the city of San Francisco. The seven member commission has powers to accept, review and gather information to conduct hearings for entertainment-related permit applications. Additionally the Entertainment Commission plans and coordinates the provision of City services for major events for which there is no recognized organizer, promoter, or sponsor.

5)Planning and Enforcement
Kate Conner, Planning and Enforcement presented her department and talked about enforcing Conditions of Use (CU’s). She encouraged residents to be in touch with her if there were nuisance, or other issues with a particular business.

Alan gave an overview of EVNA and its committees and invited general membership participation.

Meeting adjourned 8:30

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