Minutes of EVNA Board Meeting, January 13, 2010

Minutes from the Executive Board Meeting
January 13, 2010

Attending: Alan Beach-Nelson, Rob Cox, Demian Quesnel, Tim Eicher, Steve Clark Hall, Judy Hoyem, Jack Keating, Dennis Richards, Gary Weiss

1) Introductions
Introductions were made around the table at the first EVNA meeting of 2010 with new president Alan Beach-Nelson presiding.

2) Discussion of EVNA Mission
We discussed what our mission is/should be and decided to take a fresh look at EVNA as an organization with the purpose of keeping our mission relevant.

Gary and Alan will craft a relevant mission statement that clarifies the organization’s purpose in keeping with the articles of incorporation for the February Board Meeting.

This will also help us to be clear about what issues EVNA should and should not get involved with in the neighborhood.

3) Protocol Systems
Alan will set up an email protocol to help manage the flow of email within the EVNA.

Judy will file the new name, EVNA, with city hall.

Spending guidelines were agreed on: Board President can spend $300 without approval not to exceed $1,000/month; any expenditure over $300 but below $500 needs approval by two additional Executive Committee members; Expenditures exceeding $500 need board approval.

Executive Board members who miss a meeting must bring themselves current by reading the minutes of that meeting so that the Board won’t have to spend time going over the same ground at the next meeting.

EVNA should standardize our answers for “taking positions” as a membership organization in keeping with our articles of incorporation.

4) Treasurers Report
As of this date EVNA has a balance of $8,508.00

The PTPM Foundation has a balance of $1,493.00

Alan is updating the account signature cards. Current authorized signers are Alan Beach-Nelson and Rob Cox.

Proposed: a separate meeting for the PTPM Foundation. Start with an organizational meeting (Demian to take lead?) Alan will assign.

5) Brainstorming
Alan sought ideas for EVNA to focus on in 2010. The following ideas were discussed.

• Fostering a better relationship between the residents and the late night establishments
• Quality of life issues, ie; neighborhood character, ad hoc issues as they arise
• WiFi info site
• Sponsor a neighborhood information kiosk, perhaps at the 17th street plaza
• Support historic preservation in the Castro/Eureka Valley; create a context statement in this regard.
• Build the visibility and awareness re: EVNA, build membership.
• Clarify and develop the relationship with MUMC
• Develop a “formula retail” statement

6) New Committees
Technology and web development: Tim, Steve, Demian.
Castro After Dark – Dennis Richards, Rob Cox, Tim Eicher, Judy Hoyem
Newsletter: Alan, editor; Rob, designer; Judy, copy editor; Demian, distribution. Recruit more help from membership, ie marketing, distribution, etc.

7) Operations
Alan to give Rob his get key to PO box and will check periodically
Demian or Rob update ownership names on PO Box
Steve will send Rob/Alan the link for the Secretary of State filing of leadership change in EVNA and add this information to the Operations section of the web site.
Alan to send Steve who then will update the changes to be made in the by laws

8) Report from Reps
UMA – review and strengthen relationships. Invite other organizations in to the general membership meetings to present and inform. Alan will invite LYRIC to the next general meeting.

Have input on and monitor projects such as the development of the 17th street plaza and Trader Joes coming into the Castro.

Evaluate our relationship with CSFN. Demian to attend next CSFN meeting.

9) New Business
March meeting the Board will vet its memberships with other organizations (MUMC; CSFN, etc)

Alan, Dennis and Gary to explore partnership between EVNA, DTNA, CHNA to begin to schedule Board of Supervisor candidates to speak, perhaps at our September 15, 2010 membership meeting @ EVRC.

Post membership meetings notices in the BAR calendar– Rob; Alan submitted already to Castro Courier.

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