Minutes of the October 16, 2008, EVPA board meeting

President Steve Hall called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. In attendance were Steve Hall, Scott Wiener, Alan Beach-Nelson, Demian Quesnel, Judy Hoyem, and Richard.

Alan reported that EVPA has approximately $2,000 in the foundation account and $9,534 in the operating account. The budget is not yet ready.

Steve reported that we have 2 new members. Steve also reported on the status of the website and the implementation of new bylaws.

The Upper Market Alliance meeting is next Tuesday October 21. On motion and second, the board appointed Steve Hall as the authorized substitute for Judy Hoyem for the remainder of 2008.

Steve reported that EVPA received $360 from the Castro Street Fair, based on EVPA's volunteer hours worked.

The board discussed elections for the 2009 board. The board discussed the need to recruit new leaders to the organization and discussed a number of potential candidates. The board also discuss who would be a good fit for which positions. Steve will convene the internal affairs committee to formulate a proposed board slate, and the membership will vote at the November 20, 2008, meeting.

Demian reported on the activities of the Coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods, on which he serves as EVPA's designated representative.

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