Planning Notices – February 2021

Dear Neighbors, apologies for the belated nature of this post. I've been on a leave of absence. Some of these notices have passed their expiration dates, but I'm including all of them received since the last post.

Of particular note is the March 11 hearing for the Discretionary Review and Variance regarding 4822 19th Street. The EVNA board voted in January to support the discretionary review submitted by numerous neighbors of the property. For more information on this property, please contact Alex Lemberg at

2021.02.18 Permit App 42 Walter St

2021.02.18 PreApp Mtg 506 Castro St (Project Juice)

2021.02.22 Hearing Notice 542-550 Howard St

2021.02.22 Permit App 81 Uranus Terrace

2021.02.22 Permit App 4200 18th St

2021.02.24 Variance Hearing 4200 18th St

2021.03.01 Permit App 153 Saturn St

2021.03.01 PreApp Mtg 3747-49 17th St

2021.03.11 DR-Variance Hearing 4822 19th St (EVNA Supports the Neighbors)

2021.03.19 Permit App 3833 21st St

Planning Notices – Late January 2021

Hello folks! Sorry for the gap between these posts. There are a few notices from earlier in the month that we missed. Here are all the upcoming important notices.

2021.01.22 Permit App 4567 19th St

2021.01.27 Permit App 259 Eureka St

2021.01.27 Variance Hearing 3926-3931 19th St

2021.01.28 CU Hearing 2166 Market St (The Academy)

2021.01.28 PreApp Mtg 1931-1933 15th St

2021.02.03 Mission Dolores Historic Context Statement Meeting

2021.02.08 Permit App 81 Uranus Terrace

Planning Notices – October 2020

Hello neighbors,

Please see the following announcements and notices regarding properties in San Francisco! If you have any questions, please email and/or

2020.10.08 CU Hearing 123-127 Collingwood St

2020.10.14 PreApp Mtg 3750 21st St

2020.10.16 Environmental Review 64 Ord Ct

2020.10.28 Permit App 70 Deming St

2020.10.28 Variance Hearing 70 Deming St

2020.10.28 Variance Hearing 3766 21st St

2020.11.01 Food Truck App 2029 Market St

Proposed EVNA Bylaws Amendment – September 2020

On August 11, 2020, the EVNA Board of Directors approved an amendment to the EVNA Bylaws, expanding the boundaries of the EVNA. Per our bylaws, all amendments must be approved by a vote of the membership.

At the EVNA's September 24, 2020 meeting, we plan to hold a membership vote on the following amendment. All additions are in red, and deletions are struck through.


Section 1. Associational Boundaries
The boundaries of this Association for its sphere of action shall be the area within Church the corner of Dolores Street and Market Street on the East Side South along Dolores Street to 18th Street; 18th Street to Church Street; South along Church Street to 22nd Street; West along 22nd Street on the South Side to where it would hit Market Street; then along and Market Street (inclusive of both sides of the street) on the West Side and North Side to Douglass Street; North on Douglass Street to States Street; the entirety of States Street between Levant Street and Castro Street; the entirety of Flint Street and 16th Street West of Castro Street; South from 16th Street on Castro Street to Market Street; and East along Market Street to Church Dolores Street. The boundaries include properties along both sides of all streets within the EVNA boundaries.

All other bylaws will remain unchanged at this time.

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