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The EVNA  Planning Committee focuses on protecting and enhancing the character of the neighborhood by ensuring that growth, development, and public areas are compatible with and meet the needs of Eureka Valley residents and the business community. The Planning Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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Project Review Process

If you're sponsoring a project in Eureka Valley, please read about our Project Review Process and contact the planning committee to see if your project qualifies for review.

Concerned about construction on your block?

If you are a neighbor of a proposed remodel, addition or new construction in Eureka Valley, you probably have questions about the San Francisco planning process, and how you can be involved.

Watch your mail for details on the project's pre-application meeting. The "pre-app" is a mandatory form of community outreach conducted by the project sponsor in order to receive initial feedback from neighbors. Attend the pre-app meeting to get more information on the project, and start a dialog with the project sponsor. At the pre-app meeting, we recommend:

  • Neighbors should record attendance and contact information or use the EVNA Planning Committee sign-in sheet and retain it for any future contact regarding the project. Be sure to write your email address carefully on both the sponsor’s and the neighbor’s sign-in sheets. Frequently plans are not received because the email address cannot be read. Click here for a sign-in sheet that you can print out for the meeting.
  • If you have concerns about the project, request a subsequent meeting AT the pre-application to be held AFTER the plans have been received.
  • Request to review the summary prepared by the sponsor at the pre-application meeting. If this does not capture neighborhood concerns, put the neighborhood concerns in writing, submitting a copy to the Project Sponsor and to the Planning Department planner, if necessary, when one is assigned.
  • Contact the EVNA Planning Committee if you have any questions or to request assistance.

Planning Reference Guides for Eureka Valley

Information on the San Francisco planning process, including:

Questions, comments, please contact us via the contact tab above and select the appropriate catagory to ensure your note is properly routed.

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