Becoming More Involved with EVNA Planning


The EVNA Planning & Land Use Committee (PLUC - aka the Planning Committee) is the most involved EVNA standing committee.

Membership in the committee goes beyond attending the monthly PLUC meetings. As a PLUC member, you are expected to participate in a variety of other functions of the committee, such as attending Pre-App meetings, attending SF Planning Commission and Board of Appeals meetings and other duties.

Per Article VIII §2 of the EVNA Bylaws, members of committees must be EVNA members. To become a member of the EVNA planning committee, you must be an EVNA member with voting rights per the EVNA Bylaws Article IV §5.

PLUC Membership Application Process

  • The candidate expresses in interest in joining the committee or the Planning Committee proposes a candidate for membership.
  • The candidate shall attend three regularly scheduled PLUC meetings, encouraged to participate in committee discussion, may express opinion but cannot vote.
  • The candidate shall complete the following practical factors:
    • Attend at least one neighborhood "Pre-App" meeting.
    • Attend at least one San Francisco Planning Commission meeting in City Hall (preferred). As an alternative, the candidate may view a full Planning Commission meeting via the web.
    • Complete the online PLUC Planning Code "open book, open web" Quiz
  • After the third meeting, the candidate completes the PLUC Candidate Questionnaire (Word format - link below) to be completed and returned to the PLUC Chair by email at least one week before the next scheduled PLUC meeting.
  • The chair will distribute the completed questionnaire to PLUC membership.
  • At the PLUC meeting where the candidate's membership is reviewed, the candidate will have ten minutes to discuss the responses to the questionnaire and questions from committee members present.
  • The PLUC will discuss the application in a closed session and a vote will be taken. A majority vote of those present admits the candidate.
  • The Chair or designee will advise the candidate of the PLUC decision.

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