At the November 13 Public meeting, the Board asked for a temperature check on several issues in the neighborhood. The intent is to receive guidance from membership on the approach we should take, which topics are important, and which need to be understood better.

NOTE: These were not a formal votes, and most of these topics will be discussed in greater detail at a future meeting or in the newsletter.
If you were unable to attend last night's meeting, please feel free to send me your opinion.

1. Ben and Jerry's desire to open in the Castro. Ben and Jerry's was in the neighborhood before but that was before it was purchased by a major corporation making it decidedly formula retail. Note: EVNA's official position on Formula Retail is a case by case basis based on two basic questions: 1. Is it a needed service? 2. Is it a desirable service? The Planning and Land Use Committee (PLUC) is in the process of evaluating it and will make a recommendation to the Board.

Is Ben and Jerry's something that you would want to see in our neighborhood given that it is Formula Retail?
Like: 7 Dislike: 4 Neutral: 9

2. Scott's In-law legislation
Supervisor has introduced legislation, as noted in the newsletter that would allow the addition of In-law units in the existing building envelope - not new build additions that expand the footprint of the building.

The proposed legislation would limit In-Law units to be contained within the existing buildings, not exceed 750 square feet, prevent sub-division, and rent-control would apply. The area impacted by the legislation is Hill Street to the south, Dolores Park to the East, close to Market Street on the West, and 14th Street to the North. EVNA's Planning and Land Use Committee is evaluating the legislation, and will work with Scott's office on any proposed changes. A full article on this important topic will be featured in an upcoming newsletter.

What is the initial impression on the idea of this legislation?
Like: 11 Dislike: 3 Neutral: 9

Note: We have formed a Planning and Land Use Committee sub-committee that Steve Hall and James Moore are heading up. If you are interested in serving on the sub-committee, you can email me, or you can find more information about this issue on our website with contact information for Steve.

3. Quality of Life issues - We have noticed an increase in activity that impacts the Quality of Life in our neighborhood - as outlined in the Aaron's Quality of Life article in September, and in Mark McHale's "Love Where you Live Column" this last issue. Most of the issues surround four major populations:
1. Transient/Backpacker Kids
2. Burned out/Mentally Unstable
3. Partiers
4. Panhandlers.

EVNA has joined a coalition with the Castro/Upper Market Community Benefit District, Merchants of Upper Market and Castro, Castro After Dark, Castro Community on Patrol and interested merchants.

We have met with Supervisor Wiener and Captain Moser of Mission Station. While we'd like to say that police enforcement will increase, the realties are such that the force is too understaffed to do so and it will be years before we are likely to have appropriate staffing.

One idea floating around is for the neighborhood hiring our own 10B or Patrol Specials (explain the difference) during the day for a few hours a day, a few days a week - up to 800 hours/year. We already have Patrol Specials 7 nights a week in the evening/early morning. Details would need to be worked out on costs, days and time, and area of coverage. Depending on whether we have 10B or Patrol Special, costs would be in the $40k to $90k annually. Funding would need to come from merchants, CBD, and perhaps residents, and even EVNA.

Would you support exploring this idea pending specific details?
Like: 17 Dislike: 1 Neutral: 6

4. AT&T survey. Corbett Heights has successfully won a moratorium on AT&T Uverse boxes - see November 2013 newsletter. While EVNA also conducted a survey, it was not done through Supervisor Wiener's Office, and our survey has only had 178 responses, out of over 3,000 newsletters delivered and far less than Castro/Eureka Valley's population. Results were 92% opposed, 18% support them. Supervisor Wiener has said that he would not support a single broad survey for all of Eureka Valley, but more targeted multiple one's around the neighborhood.

Should EVNA work to conduct multiple more targeted surveys throughout the neighborhood in partnership with Supervisor Wiener and AT&T?
Like: 21 Dislike Neutral:

5. Formula Retail Limit. Currently the Castro Neighborhood Commercial District (NCD), which is separate from the Market Commercial Transit District (NCT) does not have a limit on Formula Retail, whereas the Market NCT now has a 20% limit within a 300 foot radius of a proposed location for formula retail. Given the information discussed in the newsletter and our panel in September, would people like to see a limit explored similar to the Market Street NCT?

Should EVNA investigate a similar limit for the Castro?
Like: 10 Dislike: 12 Neutral: 1

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