Tree Planting for Eureka Valley

You are invited to plant a tree in front of your Eureka Valley home or business. A tree planting is being organized for Eureka Vally to occur sometime in the next four months once the "required minumum" number of trees for planting has been acheived. Please check the planting area map to see if you are withing the boundaries of this planting.

The cost of planting a tree, normally over $350 if done on your own, is being subsidized by Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF). The price through a FUF community planting is only $165.00. Act now while this funding still exists.

  • Trees engage & strengthen neighborhood relations.
  • Trees reduce crime by showing a neighborhood is cared for.
  • Trees build trust: neighbors who help each other plant & care for trees are no longer strangers!
  • Trees clean the air & absorb pollution like toxins that cause cancer & asthma.
  • Trees increase property value & attract customers to business.

    It’s easy! All you have to do is send in your application forms, attend the community meeting, select your species – and get ready to water your new tree.

    Please contact the Neighborhood Organizer: Doug Burch, eve 652-3234, to learn more and to sign up for a tree. Forms are also available online at

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