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Who We Are and What We Do

The Castro/Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association provides a public forum for the people who live, work, and play in the greater Eureka Valley area to discuss common issues and concerns, and help develop solutions to improve the neighborhood. Please Join EVNA by clicking the “Join” tab above

Goals of EVNA:

  • Protect and enhance the character of the neighborhood, its historic resources and significant topographic features and open space
  • Ensure that growth, development, and public access are compatible with and meet the needs of residents and the business community
  • Protect and improve public health and safety
  • Encourage friendly association among neighbors and businesses
  • Provide an educational forum and community outreach to community partners

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Castro/EVNA Public Meetings are the fourth Wednesday of Jan., Mar., May, Jul., Sep. and the annual meeting is the second Wednesday of Nov. at 7PM in the Castro Community Room, 501 Castro at 18th!

Next Meeting, Wednesday, November 12, in the Castro Community Meeting Room, 501 Castro (above BofA)

EVNA Board and Committee Announcements And Board Election
Committee Chairs give brief Updates on their Work

Human Interest Topic
Local artist, Jessica Joy Jirsa will discuss her art including a slideshow of some of her work

Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams
A Representative from NERT will discuss the importance of this vital program

Castro Cares
An In-depth discussion this innovative Program FROM A coalition of neighborhood groups including EVNA

Public Forum
A time set aside to discuss neighborhood issues

* 2015 Public Meetings: Jan. 28, Mar. 25, May 27, Jul. 22, Sep. 23, and November 18.
* Upcoming Board Meetings: November 12 in the CCMR and December 10 at Alan's Home. 2015 Meetings: Jan. 14, Feb. 11, Mar. 11, Apr. 8, May 13, Jun. 10, Jul. 8, Aug. 12, Sep. 9, Oct. 14 all in the Chase Meeting Room.
* Upcoming Planning Committee Meeting: December 3. 2015 Meetings: Jan. 7, Feb. 4, Mr. 4, Apr. 1, May 6, Jun. 3; Jul 1, Aug. 5, Sep. 2, Oct. 7, Nov. 4, Dec. 2 in the Chase Meeting Room.
* Upcoming Quality of Life Committee Meeting, email chair Rob.Cox@EVNA.org

Members and the Public are welcome to attend Board and committee meetings.

Love, Loss and Arson for Christmas

I had my Jeep destroyed over the holiday by a crazy, random arson fire. You may have heard about it, but here is a personal story. It's not always just a call to your insurance and a replacement vehicle (that feels the same). Please read and share.


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Hamburger Mary's at the Patio Café

Voting has ended.

Hamburger Mary’s Wins Membership Support

In a groundbreaking outreach for member participation, EVNA conducted an online referendum asking the full membership to cast their votes on whether or not to allow Hamburger Mary’s, a formula retail restaurant, to occupy the space of the former Patio Café at 531 Castro Street.

Hamburger Mary’s at the Patio Cafe - PLUC Position

Statement prepared for the EVNA membership meeting on May 28, 2014, by Planning and Land Use Committee Chairperson, Jack Keating, and read by Judy Hoyem, member of the Committee.

Hamburger Mary's -- Pro position

Announcing the Marriage of Hamburger Mary's and the Patio Cafe

By Les Natali

Two iconic, historic, cutting-edge, LGBT-friendly institutions for over 30 years in San Francisco, Hamburger Mary's on Folsom Street and the Patio on Castro Street, are joining together to open a new “Hamburger Mary's at the Patio Cafe.”

Hamburger Mary's -- Con position

Hamburger Mary’s - Necessary and Desirable?

By Gary Weiss, Owner IXIA on Market Street


Welcome to Castro/EVNA! The neighborhood group serving the residents and others who work and play in San Francisco's Eureka Valley neighborhoods of the Castro, Duboce Triangle and Upper Market.